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    nx 650 carb question

    Thanks, so what's the adjustment on that? And do I need to remove the tab?
  2. Hey fellas, Got a question. I've got an '89 honda nx 650. Since I had it it's taken ether to start from cold even with the choke. The choke stalls the motor when hot so it working (properly who knows) Well I rode it about 40 miles and when I slowed down it just wouldn't Idle. Ran fine no smoke or anything. Well I just pulled the carb out and theres a needle that fell out. It's on the bottom side on inake "pipe" it goes right into the carb infront of the throttle plate. Best way I can describe it. Well it looks like it's pretty much impossible to take out b/c it has a tab on it that hits the bowl so you may get 85 degrees of a turn when it's in. Question. What is it? What's the adjustment for it. Plus could this be my problem. I'm trying to take the upper cover which seems to be a diaphragm cover. Of course these soft screws 2 are stripped out. Think there's anything under there that needs checking or cleaning being what my running problem is? I'd just like to save drilling the screws out or saving the diaphragm if it's good. Any help would be greatly appreciated!. Todd