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  1. here is my 95 replica I made
  2. Assuming the bike has been sitting for a while(no power to Fuel pump) if you twist the throttle will anything happen???
  3. I haven't read through all the post so if this a repost, sorry. Gives some answers I was looking for (wont do any harm part) http://www.motocrossactionmag.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=0FEF66175A114BD3A5C345D2FEEEFDFC
  4. my friend just got his 09 and is noticing the same thing. anyone have any answer from honda yet>
  5. the 05-08 will work, you just need to get a longer bolt that holds the the bracket to the case. Also grab about 8 washer so the bracket can be spaced out. I would recommend getting a stainless steel line though as the routing passes right by the pipe. ( I melted my stock line)
  6. same problem here, i'm waiting to get to socal so I can take it to a dealer to get it checked out. I've already called honda customer service and filed a complaint. I suggest you guys do the same, the more they hear about it the more likely they will be to cover fixing this. 1-866-784-1870
  7. Just got my new bike and Absolutely LOVE IT. BUT I'm afraid somthing is wrong.... My oil appears to be contaminated with gas. Very thin, smells like gas. I checked it before first ride it was fine. Then went to check it before next day of riding and when I pulled the dipstick( by the way the worst change ever made!!! What happened to my handy sight window) oil just came flowing out of it. I changed the oil and rode for a little bit and same deal? Any one have any Ideas???