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  1. search the garage for owner "rfrisk"
  2. I just put one on my partners DRZ check rfrisk's garage
  3. Here's the difference, side panels are the same way.......does'nt work for me
  4. Be advised the "white" Aceribis is more of light blue, I ordered side panels and an SM fender and neither were close to white. Go with OE it looks best
  5. Here's my old 02 with some new skin and graphics
  6. From everything I have read it seems the 100 & 85 are the same, I have test fit a new wheel and caliper and all fits well. I may try and locate a stock lower to see if it is the Tag lower that is wrong or as I said earlier just machine the ones I have to fit the larger leg and be done with it. I should have bought the whole front end at once...with stock clamps
  7. I have some problems with a set of Tag triples for kx forks that are going on my nephews DRZ125. The i.o. of the lower clamp is 50 mm while the o.d. of the fork is 52mm. These are fork tubes that were purchased from ebay as 03 kx 100 without triple clamps. I have checked with Tag as well looking at other companies part #'s and they should fit from 98 to current. I have read as many posts as I could find on the subject but no one seems to have had the same issue. The worst will be having to bore the clamps to big deal, but I would like to know whats up just in case I have something other than KX forks. Thanks for any help
  8. We come down for the Class School, it's a long ride from NoCal but always worth it. We won't be back until November 8-9. Laguna is next but I will probaly leave the DRZ at home. That Husky looks way cool ! There was a guy at SoW on one that just ripped and made a lot of fast sport bikes look real slow.
  9. Here's some pics of my used up old dessert bike...I've owned it since it was new in 02 and it has all the normal mods. Hot cams, 92mm ,fcr , bla, bla, bla, Still one of the most fun motorcycles I have ever owned.The action pics are from Streets of Willows out in Mojave CA. I will have some more pics in off road trim from the Nevada high dessert next week.
  10. I found a kinked clamp at the air boot, this fixed the fuel screw issue. The bike ran crisp with good response but felt flat on top. Just changed to the FCR and the whole thing came alive..third gear power wheelies w/stock s gearing. Thanks for all your DRZ info.......
  11. I checked all the vacum lines and found a small leak on the breather at the cyl base....this helped some but the fuel screw is still out 5 plus turns.
  12. Just finished 92mm and stage one hot cams, still have the BRS carb and I'm confused by the results...I had to turn the fuel screw out almost 6 turns to effect idle and I have some surging at constant part throtle. sea leval, 3x3, notoil filter, fmf q2 w/power bomb, dj needle 3rd clip, 25 pilot, 142.5 mian I will go with a 27.5 pilot but it seems I am going backward of what should be happening from the cam change. I am chaging to the FCR as soon as tt has them in stock but I would like to make it run well for now.
  13. Just waiting for TT to have the FCR in stock, I will change out later
  14. I'm in the middle of doing the 94mm Hot Cams stage 1 deal on my 02 S and I am concerned about jetting changes to the Mikuni. Jetting was perfect for Power Bomb and Q2 combo should this still be close ?...thanks