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    Pilot Powers

    regarding chain head bearings spindle spokes air scoops everything is stock and as mentioned earlier the bike ran steady right up until tyre change I did go wider and lower on the rear 150/60/17 and remained standard on the front 120/70/17 these are the Spain tyres I have thought being 10mm lower on the rear tyre is it making the front end slightly lighter making it a bit more vague at speed (lol)
  2. Jaspa

    Pilot Powers

    My vibration starts at 88mph bearing in mind there is not much horspower left it remains unsteady upto the magical alleged 100mph but again it NEVER did this on on the Dunlops (very Strange)
  3. Jaspa

    Pilot Powers

    Thanks for the quick reply i did contact the tyre fitter one week after fitting but we have had that much rain in the UK I was struggling to scrub them in but he did say if it persisted to bring it back and he would make sure it was SEATED correctly. It just seems strange that I never xperienced this before new tyres
  4. Jaspa

    Pilot Powers

    Excellent site constantly reading and learning have just switched to Pilot Powers,on the strength of the positive reviews from this site and the difference from the standard Dunlops is unbelievable (A whole new riding experience instilling confidence all the time) However I have a speed wobble / vibration from the front end have scoured the threads making sure spindle is fitted and torqued correctly also the wheel was balanced upon refitting this never happened until the fitment of these tyres any ideas please????
  5. Jaspa

    DRZ400 Supermoto 2005 restricting kit

    To all people who have replied many thanks, has been informative and amusing Suzuki sending kit @ £12 UK pounds to be installed by a dealer upon delivery. Great forum needless to say there will be a few more threads /posts from myself as i get to grips with my new purchase nice to see so many positive comments on the DRZ. (previous bike XR250R)
  6. please can someone help i have purchased a DRZ400 Supermoto 2005 a few months before my UK licence allows me legally to ride anything over 33bhp but i am told there are restriction kits for these. contacted suzuki dealers with conflicting opinions anyone know where i can purchase a kit or any info on what i should be doing thanks in anticipation jaspa