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    Kenda Shredmaster 270

    I just ordered another set of the 966's right here at TT Store. $90 set pre-shipping and in stock, according to Brian...I think you will be happy with the Kings tire. They are a bit stiff to mount...the rear anyway. Just watch em in the wet till you get a feel for the tire. Mike
  2. Thumpin650

    Kenda Shredmaster 270

    Yeah, I know, way too many variables....I read those same posts but had already purcheased the tires... Just FYI---I ran the 4.60x18 KT966 at 36 PSI while hauling about 100-110 pounds of gear on a stock geared 94 XR650L. We ran a LOT of 70-75 MPH canadian pavement which can be VERY abrasive. I probably covered 2500 miles of pavement and 1000 miles of dirt road, gravel road, construction roads.... I feel the tires held up very good, and we did spend some time on wet roads. It is a fairly hard compound and depending on how old the tires are I am sure they wont be like a street tire on wet pavement. I checked my pressures every morning and always kept em at 36 until we got off the pavement. Bottom line is...there are 4 guys who ride pretty hard on heavy XR's (we all have armor/racks on our bikes that add between 20-40 pounds to our bikes) and we are ALL sold on the 966's...I dont know how you can beat that tire for the $$. We also ran em aired down to around 20PSI for a couple hundred miles at 50-60mph and no noticeable additional wear. Are they pure off road tires...no way! Are they pure street tires...uhhh.NO! but I would say as a 50/50 tire..They blow the Maxxis away. As with a lot of Maxxix tires...the first 50% of the life is great...but once they start wearing...forget it! If you are ever passing thru Dawson City YT, stop and see Dick at the downtown hotel...He has my set of 50% worn 6006's and you're welcome to em! Mike
  3. Thumpin650

    Long haul XR650L?

    Wheelnut46 I'm workin on it!!! In fact, tomorrow night, over a dozen or so Sierra Nevada Pales will fall as the pic's get sorted and the story gets begun!!! It will be worth the wait!! Mike AKA Inuvik Mikey!
  4. Thumpin650

    Long haul XR650L?

    Well, Myself and 3 others just did 5500 miles plus in 3 weeks on 3 XR 650 L's and one XR400...Heres all you need. A taller windscreen...The maier Cyclone or Typhoon fits well...slip it between you instrument and fairing and go. An Alaska Leather Dual Sport sheepskin, and lastly---EARPLUGS! We ran Kings Tire KT-966's and they were GREAT...pavement, gravel, the DEMPSTER HIWAY!!! The Cassiar Hiway in northern BC has to be one of the greatest roads on the continent....smooth fast new twisty pavement...ugly pothole filled gravel sections...but all capable of running hi speeds if you have your bike set up well. those hiway pegs are great, I was the only one of the 4 without...I did a LOT more moving around in the sadlle then the guys who had em... oh yeah, stock gearing and it was just right for most of that hiway riding. We had a lot of guys on GS's and KTM adventures questioning our judgement, but the big XR has a VERY neutral riding position, just take some of that windblast off the chest, and put your feet forward and you can do 400 mile days even if its all gravel roads... Mike
  5. Thumpin650

    Kenda Shredmaster 270

    DO NOT under ANY circumstances waste your money on the Maxxix 6006 (or Cheng Shin c6006)!! I put a set on my 650 L to ride the Dempster hiway in NWT/Yukon...SPECIFICALLY sent a new set to Dawson to run that hiway with. 500 miles into the ride the bike started handling badly and got worse. Tossed the SET after 1000 miles becasue they just suck on a bike that big and heavy. TRY the Kings Tire KT-966. Four of us on loaded XR's ran those tires and got outstanding mileage and wear and you can get em here at TT for under $100 a SET! The 5.10-18 is PERFECT for the big XR's. We were riding hiway speeds with fully loaded bikes on tarmac and gravel and got over 4,000 miles out of one rear, I personally got 4500 miles out of my rear and that was on the 4.60 rear. The fronts havent even begun to show wear at over 5500 miles!!! Some one said they had problems with a rear throwing knobs...mine showed some signs of tearing but...never got worse. If you need a GREAT 50/50 tires, you HAVE to try the KT-966..(Its a copy of the Dunlop k-750) Mike
  6. Thumpin650

    Uncorked, unleashed and UNREAL!!!

    I like the sound of the trap. One of my buddies has the WB pipe and header and another the XR's only full system. Mine sounds deeper and throatier while thiers sound raspier and higher pitched, almost more muffled....personal preference I guess. Whats cooler and better about MY bike is.....its MY bike! Did go up on the main jet after a 180 mile ride thru lower elevations in cool, wet air...too lean on the main jet. Went up to 58/158...maybe a little fat on the pilot with the stock head pipes...might go back to the 55 pilot. The one with the XR's only full system, I redid his jetting from STOCK to the 58/158 and he is amazed at the difference...Will be uncorking and rejetting the one with the WB system tonite...will try 58/158 on his and see how that go's 3 weeks until I head north for 3000 miles...Artic Ocean/Beaufort Sea...here we come!
  7. Anybody got one??!!! Just need a rim but will take a whole wheel...leaving for 6000 mile trip in 3 weeks and one rider has a serioulsy bent rim.. Thanks
  8. Thumpin650

    Baja Designs ROCKS

    Ordered a seat cover online Thurs afternoon (27th). Asked them to send it Priority mail to my PO BOX....Website said $10 shipping. Got it today, Monday and they adjusted the shipping to $5 and change (I work at the PO so I know all they charged me was postage).... What a PLEASURE to deal with someone like that for a change. This web site is pretty good to order stuff from, but even still, I placed an order HERE on the 26th and its still "pending" Thanks Baja Designs!!! Mike in Montana
  9. Thumpin650

    4StrokesOnly store sucks the big one

    Well, I am in the middle of a transaction with "Andy" myself, it did NOT go well at first, but after sending him a fairly nasty email, he got in touch with ME, and we sorted it out...The next day, I had an email from UPS stating he shipped my package just as he agreed to,,,at least the second time. His excuse the first time was reasonable, but it sure seems like a LOT of people had issues with him. It looks like that tailight he sells is now available thru DK, as least they SAY it has the clear license plate light... I am sure with all the bad publicity, he works mostly with first time customers. If I had done some more research, my bike would be "legal" right now... Mike
  10. Thumpin650

    Uncorked, unleashed and UNREAL!!!

    Acerbis makes the 6 gallon, and as far as I know it fits the L. I need to call them today to double confirm! And the bike sounds great, I went to 10 discs in this afternoon, still raining tho so cant report any diff...bummer
  11. Well, after weeks of tearing it apart and building it back up...it was ALL worth it. A little background...Bought the 94 XR650L last October...mostly to use it on an upcoming ride to the Arctic circle (not the hamburger joint) this summer, but mostly because a big thumper dual sport is the PERFECT bike for NW Montana. In stock condition, as most of you know, its a yawner...but after following the uncorking advice...its a whole different shade of RED!!! I did Daves carb mods...took all the weight off it...standard desmog, uncork and weight reduction. Spooned on a set of Pirelli MT90 Scorpion AT's, installed the Supertrapp ISD2 quiet (with 8 discs)and after waiting a week for the proper jetting...after reaming out my 50 pilot and 152 main and NOT having any success. I installed a 55 pilot/155 main..(I am at 2900') and took er out... As Will Primos would say...DANG IT MAN!!! What a completely different bike. No more lean pop on decel, (well, maybe just a little), 1st gear power wheelie, 2nd gear wheelie on a hard shift...with NO input from me at all. The new tires stick like glue (BIG difference over the NON dot knobs that were on it) I think the jetting is spot on for my altitude and pipe but I will play with the discs a little just cause. I am SO pleased with the bike! It only has 1400 miles on it so it is still plenty strong, pobobly at its peak for horsepower as far as engine condition go's. A BIG thank you for all the advice on setup/modifications. I will continue to update as I tinker. I have a 4.7 Clarke in the garage with a 6 gallon Acerbis on the way, (its on BO) and I will decide what I like as far as looks go when it gets here. I also have a set of Maxxis 6006's I will be testing and I will report on how both tires work out. I would like to replace that wooooozy orange seat cover with a newer dark red version if anyone has recovered theirs and wants to get rid of a stock cover. Oh and the Acerbis dual sport mirrors give me a GREAT view of my elbos and nothing more! If you have not uncorked your XR yet, RUN, dont walk, to your garage and get BUSY!!!! Mike Kalispell, MT
  12. Thumpin650

    Lowering link

    I recently purchased and installed the performance design link...dont have the rest of the bike together yet...but, it has the new bearings, you just reuse the end caps and bolt...2 zerks and its a stout looking piece. Price was right too and install was a snap. Mike
  13. Thumpin650

    XR650l/650R fuel tank interchange

    Of course if anyone can CONFIRM they even make a 7 gallon tank, please do...the biggest I can find is the 6 gallon Sahara tank for the 00-03 R model. I would like to know if this is a similar tank to the 6 gallon for the L model or a totally different tank. I will call Acerbis on Monday but in the mean time, I am counting on the experts here on TT! By the way, their website is lame... Mike
  14. Hello, I am wondering if anyone has had ACTUAL first hand experience in adapting an Acerbis 7 gallon tank for an R model to an L? A supplier I am dealing with has a (supposedly) 7 gallon red Acerbis tank for an R and I want and need that capacity. A trip I am taking has a section that is 229 miles between fuel and I would rather not have to carry a spare can. I also like the red tank compared to the white only 6 gallon Acerbis specific to the L model. If you have had success/failure please respond with what mods/problems you encountered. Thanks Mike