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  1. Can someone tell me especially from California if you had problems registering your ktm690sm? I am in the impression all ktm690sm that came to shore were all the same as far as emissions are concern.... Thank you...
  2. i do. I traded my 07 drz for an 07 690sm. All i can tell you is that. My butt no longer get sore from driving more than 45min. 690 is a lot less vibration and a lot more faster. But of course, a 690 cost a lot more than a drz. either way, you wont get wrong. just my 2 cents worth of humble opinion...
  3. $160 just for that? wow! really expensive...
  4. buy her shoes every week....if symptoms persists get a divorce....just kiddin... my wife hates me when i ride my bike, the only way i can calm her down is reassurance that you won't get too foolish when riding a bike that's all... always reassure her....plus keep her occupied on different things...
  5. i have a ktm690sm and never looked back (yet)... hehehe
  6. If only they followed the contour line of the back... But dont get me wrong i like it better than the stock twin cans...
  7. now that's what i call a racetrack... time will tell if they are going to do that in states...
  8. I could only wish to have one! you lucky bastard....hehehe
  9. well i have one right now... all i can say is that. the beauty starts when you ride on it. i'm still smiling everytime i ride.
  10. maybe installing a scott in the near future. i noticed the front end too.
  11. Steve, Same here Got my 690SM yesterday. And i am coming off of the DR-z400sm too!!! All i say is that is one sweet ride. Very fun to drive...