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  1. MD-11 Driver

    A lttle help on Ohlins topping out

    I fixed Mikes by re-valving the rebound stack & adding a little more high speed rebound.
  2. MD-11 Driver

    Wp fork lugs interchange ? Oc to cc

    They should swap out no problem.
  3. MD-11 Driver

    Ohlins ttx-cartridge in WP4cs

    The problem is that Ohlins doesn't have an adapter that works yet on the 4CS fork legs. They thought that the OC adapters would work, but some people have had issues of leaking & the knuckle isn't recessed as much as the OC knuckle is, which leaves the cartridge end sticking out below the knuckle just waiting to get damaged by rocks. I am hoping that they come up with a adapter that works when the 2015 suspension comes out Sept or Oct of this year.
  4. MD-11 Driver

    A lttle help on Ohlins topping out

    They are currently out of stock of the top out spring & sleeve, as I have some on order as well for a customer.
  5. MD-11 Driver

    A-Kit Suspension

    I have never had that issue in the last 2 1/2 years, so I am guessing that they have solved the problem as it must have been before I started dealing with Ohlins. I would have to check with Stacey, the off road manager to find out the history on that issue, as I have never even heard of them having that problem.
  6. MD-11 Driver

    A-Kit Suspension

    The beauty of making the Ohlins even better with the huck valve assembly is the air gap (air spring) In principle, the spring characteristic of an air spring for cylindrical pistons is progressive. The spring characteristic curve (steep or flat) is governed by the air spring volume. The existing air volume is compressed by dynamic compression. Assuming that bump travel is constant, the pressures in a low volume system rise more rapidly than in a system with a large air spring volume. A flat spring characteristic curve (soft spring) is produced by a large air spring volume. A steep curve (firm spring), on the other hand, is produced by a small air spring volume. Here is another guys impression of the Showa A & B kits compared to the Ohlins with huck valves installed. Granted everyone has a different feeling for what they think is the best stuff. "I've had A kit Showa and B kit Showa stuff before but these are with out a doubt the best forks I've ever owned, BY FAR too! The Huck Valves have definitely far exceeded my expectations . I'm still a decently fast vet expert and can still win motos and I definitely know when something is a game changer and these forks with the Huck Valves could be a game changer for some fast up and coming pro or a past his prime vet guy like me and anyone in between."
  7. MD-11 Driver

    Huck Valves in Ohlins RFX forks

    The valve kit sells for $495 & will require the 2014 Ohlins spindle seals if the TTX cartridges or RFX forks are older then 2014, as the huck valves were designed around the 2014 cartridges & seals.
  8. MD-11 Driver

    Huck Valves in Ohlins RFX forks

    The huck valves are designed to work on the TTX inserts & the RFX forks. There are currently only bottoming cylinders for the RFX, WP TC & OC forks. The huck valve will fit on the other TTX inserts, but there haven't been any bottoming cylinders made for those forks currently. The huck valve is so efficient that they removed the hydraulic piston found on stock forks.
  9. MD-11 Driver

    Huck Valve

    I am working with Jeremy at MX Tech to manufacture huck valves for the Ohlins inserts & RFX forks. I just got the prototype valves to test. Hopefully I will be able to offer them in the near future for the Ohlins suspensions or adding them to current Ohlins inserts out there.
  10. MD-11 Driver

    Dirt bike shoe

    Just posted two new Risk Racing Lock-N-Load Moto Hauler systems for sale in the classifieds. Purchased them for my motorhome to replace my current clamp type mounts, but decided I didn't want to put more holes in my floor. The thing that I liked the most about this system, is that you can remove the mount & just have a small plate in your floor so it doesn't take up space when not being used. I have a friend that uses them & he loves them.
  11. MD-11 Driver

    2013 KTM 500EXC... Steering damper question.

    The bearing pre-load is adjusted by torquing down the center bolt on the steering damper to 10 ft. lbs. & then tighting the silt screw, then you go back and tighten the center bolt to 20 ft. lbs.
  12. MD-11 Driver

    2013 KTM 500EXC... Steering damper question.

    Just keep in mind that everytime I have ordered them so far they are always on backorder. The last time it only took 2-3 weeks to get my last order, the first time it took 5 months. They can't make them fast enough, so plan accordingly. I currenlty have three on order with two of them pre-sold. Not sure when they will be delivered.
  13. MD-11 Driver

    2013 KTM 500EXC... Steering damper question.

    The Öhlins doesn't raise the bars at all. You replace the top bearing race with Öhlins bearing race & post mount. It is the slickest setup for a post mount of any damper. I am an Öhlins dealer & I have never had a unit come back to me for leaks & I have been running the Öhlins damper personally for over 5 years & I have never heard anyone mention an Öhlins damper leaking. I think it is the GPR that has had the leaking problems, which I used to run & had to send mine back for repair to GPR. I am factory trained by Öhlins USA in Hendersonville, NC & setup to service the Öhlins dampers when it comes time to change the oil. I have the Öhlins vacuum & pressure filling machine, which is required to service the damper.
  14. MD-11 Driver

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    2013 KTM 250 XC