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  1. CspineRider

    Mixing ratio?

    I would go to their website or look at a bottle and see if they recommend a ratio. AMSOIL recommends 50:1 on the Dominator and the Interceptor. I run 50:1 on my 250 with AMSOIL and have not had any problems.
  2. CspineRider

    mobile 1

    Everyone has their own opinions, which is why this is a stupid thread. If someone is stuck on Mobile-1, then I nor anybody else is going to change their minds, which is perfectly fine, however, I read data and tests, and not just the tests from the AMSOIL website. If everyone would look into oil analysis and testing, there are only a couple of brands out there that are truly good synthetic oils. Yes Mobile-1 is one of them but it is by far the best.............
  3. CspineRider

    mobile 1

    AMSOIL is a better oil
  4. CspineRider

    Oil ? that no one has asked ? Possibly?

    I am an AMSOIL dealer and it is recommended that you do your break in with petroleum oil in automobiles. As for the motorcycles, well 4 strokes are very similar to vehicles, hence, do you your break in with the factory oil that comes in it, then when your manual says to do your first oil change, you can then switch to synthetic.
  5. CspineRider


    They should have told you if you needed to run race fuel when they re-built your motor. It is a waste of money to run race fuel if you dont need it. I recommend AMSOIL series 2000 octane boost, though I havent used it because I have to run race fuel, my buddies use and they said they notice a bigger difference then any other they used before, Maxima HI-Test did nothing they said. I cant think of the others they tried. Let me know if you need some of the AMSOIL octane boost.
  6. CspineRider

    oil change: correct ammount or check screw.

    My 97 CR250 is right on the money at .75L, I use the BillyWho bottle and it drips out of the check hole perfect right at around .75L, I then put the screw in and put the rest in. 97-99 are all the same bikes as far as I know.
  7. CspineRider

    Best 2 stroke oil

    Wow you guys argue just as bad as the kids on ATM about this subject. Who wants AMSOIL? PM me, oh and by the way Kevin Windham is back http://www.racerxill.com/articles/detail/533/5-minutes-with-.aspx
  8. CspineRider

    Kevin Windham is back

    If your interested http://www.racerxill.com/articles/detail/533/5-minutes-with-.aspx
  9. CspineRider

    Kevin Windham is back

    If your interested http://www.racerxill.com/articles/detail/533/5-minutes-with-.aspx
  10. CspineRider

    Good Two stroke forums

    I have the SST pipe and love it. I did buy my bike used and it was already on there so I really dont know the performance levels between the SST, fatty, gnarly etc. I havent had any problems with powerband with the SST and it revs to the moon. What are the disadvantages with the SST? versus the rest of them
  11. CspineRider

    Good Two stroke forums

    Dont know first hand, but I have heard from multiple sources that the I-cat does nothing and that is a waste of money. I heard it was expensive too. Do you have one? And what did you notice?
  12. CspineRider

    Good Two stroke forums

    dirtrider.net is really good, probably 1 of the best. Also try glamisdunes.com. But you can rely on TT as stated above, it is a 4 stroke message board, but they were all riding 2 strokes at one time. It's just a matter of them even looking at our forum.
  13. CspineRider

    frustrated xr650r owner

    Check for plugged jets(dirt etc) especially the pilot jet
  14. CspineRider

    Gas Mileage?

    The CRF will give you better gas mileage
  15. CspineRider

    best year for cr250

    My 97 seems to the best motor for me. It has been the easiest to jet and most powerful in every band. Everybody that gets on it is quite amazed