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  1. Just a standard 15A-125 volt plug going to a dual 20A circuit breaker box...don't ask me why the trailer guys did it that way. I finally found a L5-30 to standard plug adaptor on amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000289BAK/ref=oss_product
  2. I have the honda eu2000 parallel kit by Gentran which has a NEMA L5-30 locking female plug. The shore power plug on my enclosed trailer is a standard 3 pin plug. Is there an adapter I can purchase to mate the two?
  3. olddude and corider63 thank you both for the suggestions..I will purchase a couple of the bargmans. Hopefully easy to install.
  4. Newtomoto

    Recommend a wheel lock

    single axle. Would prefer not to have to take the wheel off every time.
  5. I need a wheel lock for my enclosed trailer when it's stored. What's a good wheel lock to purchase?
  6. LOL!!! Somewhere in between the two. Enough to light up a decent patch of ground around the trailer.
  7. lol. They did give me a $200 refund for the plywood. I havent seen the AL sheeting but according to the dealer its not much thicker than thin sheet metal
  8. what does this thing do? switch between battery and shore power?
  9. guys, I bought a trailer but it does not come with any exterior lights. Could you recommend some flood lights for the two sides and back...something easy to install that wont require much cutting would be preferred. Thanks!
  10. So I'm going to get the trailer without the plywood, just insulation, luan and a thin sheet of aluminum on the inside wall. What thickness of plywood should I use for the walls?
  11. Not sure what the aluminum sheeting looks like...I am so frickin pissed at how long this has taken and now this F***-up. I'll call him and find out.
  12. Guys, After two months of waiting my dealer finally called to let me know the trailer I ordered from carry-on is here but they put luan for the interior wall vs the plywood I had requested. I had the factory do the insulation and they also installed aluminum in the interior to cover the wooden walls. How big of a deal is it to have plywood vs luan as the interior wall? Will it be really flimsy with the luan..what are the pros and cons? Dealer is going to call carry-on tomorrow morning and find out what the options for fixing this error are..I don't really want to wait another month or so for them to build another (dealer said they might offer this) but at the same time I dont want to take a trailer with luan interior when I really need plywood. looking for feedback.
  13. So I've been researching portable air conditioners for a while now in order to pick the perfect one for my 6x12 enclosed trailer (insulated). Looks like the portables come with a single hose and dual hose option. In the single hose option air from within the room is used to cool the condenser fins and exhausted from the single output hose and so warm air from the outside is sucked in to replace this air. in the dual hose model air from the outside is sucked in to cool the vents and therefore no hot air actually flows into the room, better cooling efficiency is achieved. another option is a window unit, someone in the pictures thread had installed one in a plank of wood cut to the size of their trailer door and on hinges. I have a feeling this might be the most efficient method of cooling the trailer. Just wanted to get some feedback from folks who have portable a/cs with a single or dual hose and whether or not they cool their trailers well.