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  1. konatown

    COP vid from 12/2/06

    Great job. i can't wait to come back to AZ for Chistmas and ride Canyon. It was my favorite track when it was running the other way. The way it is set up now looks unreal.
  2. konatown

    Best Top Clamp

    Applied and Pro Taper Bars. Make sure you get the 20mm offset and rubber mounts. Got mine from BTO Sports online.
  3. konatown

    Moving From Hawaii.....

    Traffic? in So Cal? What tracks do you ride. The only ones I could find are Chauilla, Glen Helen and Competitive Edge.
  4. konatown

    Moving From Hawaii.....

    I am moving to Huntingon Beach and will be bringing my 05 CRF450R. Is there anything I need to know as far as registration, smog or anything else? Any help is appreciated.
  5. konatown

    Stainless or paper oil filters

    It's a matter of personal preference. They both get the job done.
  6. konatown

    twin air cage really help?

    I have one on my 05 and it works fine. All you really have to do is take the backfire screen out of your stock one, buy a twin air filter and adjust your jetting for more air. My bike is stock and I ride mostly @ sea level. I went to a 45 pilot and adjusted my air screw until it stopped popping.
  7. konatown

    Jump at COP... Distance??? Phx, peeps...

    I moved back to Hawaii 6 months ago, but before that I rode COP every week. Did they reverse the direction on the track? I always wanted to ride it backwards.
  8. konatown

    NE other HAwaii riders?

    Yeah, we are all ok. just a lot of broken glass and skibbies with brown stains.
  9. konatown

    NE other HAwaii riders?

    I live in Kona and ride the entire Big Island.
  10. konatown

    Joe Ohelof 450 shootout in Transworld MX.

    You have to keep in mind that Average Joe does not ride like us average Joe's. I love my CRF450.
  11. konatown

    Anyone ever shipped a bike to Hawaii

    Matson is the largest freight company between Hawaii and the Mainland. Try them.