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  1. Has anybody put passenger pegs on there EXC? If so, how did you do it? Is there a kit somewhere available? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the answer Durango_Dave. Yeah it gets hot here in the summer, and humid. Really cold in the winter, really hot in the summer. I only ask, as the dealer said one thing, and a bike mechanic buddy said another, just wanna treat her good. Allright, so I was off on the temp, feals like it with the humidity, but its still pretty hot... atleast to me it is.
  3. Just bought (new) an 04 450exc, I live at pretty much sea level, in Ontario Canada, hits into the 40 degre celcius level, my question is, what jets should I put into it, and what kinda stuff should I look out for on a regular basis? Last question, How often do you guys change your oil, and what oil are you using? Thanks guys
  4. Correct me if im wrong, some purists could help me here, but didnt all 05's come with a street kit from the factory? Im pretty sure they did in canada, atleast thats what I was told by a buddy that works at a KTM dealership. Other than that, I got the Baja Designs kit, dont think its the best, but it was there!
  5. yeah... shut the bike off and tip it over, just buying a 450exc, but my honda had the same problem, you just wait till its empty, or shortly before, and tip the bike to the left, so the fuel goes to the pickup side.
  6. Those are just excel or eagle rums, depending what you buy... im sure you can get those at any bike shop...
  7. This is a good thread, as I live in an apartment, I was thinking of getting a banshee i think its called, its a disc lock with a 140 db alarm in it, so if somebody moves it, it goes off... I had a 94 650L, that got stolen in 2000 when I was at work... worst fealing, especially since there was no insurance on it at the time.
  8. Wow, thats ugly... why the hell would you want that?
  9. Hey

    Hey guys, planning on buying an 06 650R, and putting it on the street. My question, that I cant seem to find a definative answer on is.. Is the stator re-wind necisary? or is it just something for larger lights, I would like to do it eventually, but for now the 35Watt bulb should do, will the stock stator run the signals, brake light, and head light, as well as charge the battery?