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  1. Pornstar

    2013 200 xcw fmf fatty?

    The fatty pipe stopped being produced when they dropped the 200 sx or xc cant remember. The older fatty fits 200 until 2010. The 11´12´13´ pipe on the KTM is the same shape as the old fatty but with a bigger diameter tube at the end where it connects the silencer. So you can fit the older fatty on a newer bike but you have to buy a pre 2010 silencer. You can run the SRT pipe on an ´11 or newer 200, or if you have an older bike then you can run it but you need to buy a ´11 or newer silencer for it to fit. I regret the day i replaced the stock pipe with a gnarly pipe on my 09 200, the bike lost its magic.
  2. Pornstar

    300 xc for offroad

    Thanks for the heads up. 450 it is.
  3. Pornstar

    300 xc for offroad

    I have a 200 xcw for technocal trail riding and for enduros. I want a 2nd bike for longish rides on fast easy dirt roads, and for several hours long semi technical trail rides. i find the 200 boring to ride at 5th or 6 th gear roads, also i dont like to worry about wear on the motor on several hours long trail rides, at steady high revs or on connecting roads. I was thinking about a 450 xc for this task but i prefer the handling of a 2t, and frankly i am uncomfortanle with FI and the simplicity of 2 strokes appeals to me. i tought of a 300xc because of the long lasting top end and its versatility witj the pv springs. Red for jeep roads, yellow for long trail rides grenn for mud. I think that the power would be great to short shift on long semi tech trail rides to save energy and to make boring open-ish roads fun. Will it perform well for this or will it vibrate my butt off? what about fuel consumption, would it be similar to a 450?
  4. Pornstar

    Fox instinct boots worth the money?

    Thats the boot with the best quality protection durability vs cost ratio
  5. Pornstar

    xc race bike on a budget?

    IMO a yz50 can be turned into a great racing bike for an advanced rider. Specially If you are on a budget and you cant get the suspension valved for woods riding. An intermediate- begginer would be better on a xc-w kind of bike. I had several 2 stroke 250´s for many years and used them for trail riding. I was way faster and could navigate through tougher courses the moment i got my ass on a 200 xc-w. I am a middle of the pack C rider.
  6. Pornstar

    2nd bike for offroad.

    Thats exactly what i dont want. I want tp be able to rip it on open roads power wheelie out of turns... Thats the only way to have fun at those roads imo. Its not going to be a race bike, but i want power for friendly unoficial races not having to worry abput gas or easing it on the motor on connecting roads.
  7. I currently have a ktm 200 xc-w for enduro racing. Before this bike I always used to have either 250 2 strokesbecause i mainly rode wide roads and ocassional track. Since the last 2 years i have been strictly riding technical trails and racing enduros so my 200 fits the bill just right. Unfortunately i have been missing the ocassional long offroadish rides with my friends, cause the 200 is just not good at that. The bike is just plain boring at wide open roads and on 5th ort 6th gear connecting roads i rather just putt around. There have been also several invitations during the year to some long cross country events that i have been missing out because im afraid of blowing the bike´s motor on such long trips. Therefore i plan on buying a 4stroke that its just going to be used for this ocassional trail rides and i plan on keeping the 200 for my enduro training and racing. My options are: CRF450x Cheap and simple. or KTM 450 and the constant struggle between xc and xc-w. If i buy the xc-w or the Honda the bike will only be used once every two weeks and on 4 ultra long trail rides. But if i get the XC i can ocassionally use it at the MX track. (I dont like MX too much but it would open a new riding day for me throughout the week.Plus it would allow me to improve my technique on jumps, whoops and cornering) My previous experience with 4 strokes: I used to have a 05 WR250 and 02 KTM 400. I hated both of them the 1st one lacked power while the 2nd one was in very bad conditions from the start and it was heavy as hell. The long rides are set throgh mud, sand, river beds,etc. so the lack of power of the 250 made it suck at that, also coming from a 250 2T background i am used to more power. The 400 power was ok but the suspension was shit. The PO had it in very bad conditions so i never could enjoy it much. On that kind of riding i have prefered stock 2 stroke 250 MXers cause i like the stiffer suspension at higher speeds. the lighter weight + more power made it easier to ride at sand or mud, and the faster acellaration made wide roads more fun. Therefore i have been thinking about getting a XC over the XC-W or the Honda. Is there something I´ll miss from the W´s or the Honda besides top speed and slightly larger tank?
  8. Pornstar

    Comfort and Protection.

    I hqve had light and hard crashes on them. i also have had the bike fall on my knee while wearing them. The pods protected me just fine. Tje only tome i prefered my old padded knee guards was when i landed on a rock straight on with my kneE but those same padded knee guards didnt offer any lateral protection, i have a damage on the inner part of my knee thanks to that. They didnt prevent from overextention or twisting forces eitjer so i am really glad about having the POds instead.
  9. Pornstar

    Comfort and Protection.

    No they dont i have used them with reg mx socks and with evs liners they are very comforyable either way. I havw used them in 3-4 hour rides no problem. I had to walk over an hour with them once aand i didnt even notice tjem
  10. Pornstar

    opinions on renthal chains

    I have had good experiences with renthqls standard and o- rings. Maybe your rear tire is not properly aligned? What about the sprokets? Maybe they are the reason of the premature wear.
  11. That was my initial opinion too. i guess im back to where i started at. If there aint a temp sensor telling the cdi to shut the bike, then what happened? The bikes running great now the clutch discs were toasted and replaced the plates were ok but we changed anyhow we put a new top end and rod bearing. A new bottom end will be set on the next top end. The cylinder wear is only .03 mm so i' ll be moving on to the "c" piston size from now on.
  12. The clutch plates were totally worn. The clutch basket didnt present any major flaws. I dont know if it was related or not but the piston and rings were pretty worn out. No biggie but, The rod has a little play. And the cylinder shows some wear, the mech told me the exact ammount but i cant remember. He told me that i could live through another piston and rings life but he said that he recomends it to be replaces at that time at the most. Now what options do i have other than to buy the complete cylinder from ktm? I understand that there are places in the US where you can send your cylinder and have them replate it but is there somewhere i can buy the inner part of the cylinder ( i dont know if its called sleeve or plate) and have it replaced by a local mechanic?
  13. Right now the bike is at the shop waiting to be checked. The bike starts right up, but there is a knocking sound. I dont know if its a normal sound or not. The clutch plates are already on their way, i will check the basket, the top end and rod for damage or wear. The explanation i received by the mech is that die to the bike overheating because of the heavy clutch slippage the bike protected itself through the CDI by not alkowing the bike to run while being so hot. This answered my original question.
  14. Pornstar

    fox dirtpaws

    Had them didnt liked them.... too thick of a palm for my taste. Made me hands get tired quicker. And didnt provide good feedback. Tried Fox platinium and just like any other single layer glove i couldnt stand it, i got blisters and it hurt where my hand rubbed against the sticky renthal grips they didnt last much anyhow. Now im on my 3rd pair of 360´s they are single layer but they have patches or a second layer only on pressure points not on the whole palm like the dirtpaws. I love ém. I buy last year´s for cheap at BTO´s
  15. Sorry for the lenfhty post. I guess that i made it reallt dificult to understand my main questions. I run 40:1 and the bike is properly jeyted. I was surprisef by the bike not wanting to start. I still not understand why a worn clutch might prevent the bike from starting. I was told that the bike had overheated because of this and it had protected itself. How in jell a 2 stroke motor protects itself. So that made me worry about the cylinder piston crank etc... all the extra mumbo jumbo is stress talking about my state of mind at the time and the brainstorm of ideas as of why it happened.sorry if that made it confusing