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  1. Bandit is right about the clearance issue. Most modern trailers only have about 4' from the body of the trailer to the tip of the tongue. In addition, factor the propane tanks and battery. and space becomes limited very fast. A trailer tongue extension can be done.($$$) Tongue weight becomes a factor, but w/ the right weight distribution hitch it's not an issue. At the rear of a trailer has own unique issues. Trailer frames often lack adequate frame structure to support an extension. I.E. 225lbs+motorcycle rack+hitch structure add up quickly. Believe it or not, 225lbs at the rear of a trailer can drastically change the towing characteristics of a trailer. Trailer tongue- weight should be around 10-12 percent of the entire trailer weight. I'm not saying that either one can't be done, it just has to be done properly. Hope this helps, Cheers
  2. Just got back from L.A. to Auburn CA and back with mine.
  3. inajfin

    2002 air box and rear link question.

    That's the set up I went with except with 22mm triples, Pro Seal and a stabilizer. Nothing but massive improvement over stock.
  4. inajfin

    head light blinks instead of turn signal

    Check for loose ground wire, then any pinched wires where blinker was mounted. Good luck:thumbsup:
  5. inajfin

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Here's my vintage '02 CRF450R. Oh! & Husky:bonk:
  6. inajfin

    Desert Blooms

    Have fun:ride: If you ride back the same way we did, be careful. I was riding a little over my head, and came over this ridge a little too hot and ended up taking a detour:crazy: So I crest the ridge @ about 35-40mph and realize too late that it's not straight like the last ridge. So off the pole-line road and oh #$%^! oh#$%^! oh#$%^! Dodge big rock, bounce off something else, here comes about a 2.5 foot diameter rock... and I miss it by inches, back on the gas, and braaap back on the road. So long story short, no injuries, nothing broken, except for a 1 inch hole chewed in my undies by my ass:moon: http://i1026.photobucket.com/albums/y328/inajfin/RANDSBURG.jpg
  7. inajfin

    Desert Blooms

    No rabbits, but jumped German Shepard sized coyote! Sunny skies, temps in the mid 60s, and no get offs. Couldn't asked for more!
  8. inajfin

    Desert Blooms

    On the way to Randsburg CA
  9. inajfin

    Is SuperMotoJunkie dead..??

    Someone ctrl/alt+del already!
  10. inajfin

    New rear tire cracking

    Check your date code (born on date) on the tire. If it's old take it back to where you got it and have them replace it at their cost. I wouldn't ride it like that! http://www.amadirectlink.com/roadride/Riderresc/tires.asp
  11. inajfin

    Step Seat

    Stapler and hair dryer/heat gun. Staple, heat, pull, staple repeat... Don't overheat the cover! Also helps to have two people to hold and stretch.
  12. inajfin

    Step Seat

    +1 (Bread knife, sanding block, and beer)
  13. inajfin

    Silicone hoses

    Same here w/ ASI radiators and hoses. I got mine off feebay for far less than half. Use the "Make an Offer"! Free shipping!!
  14. inajfin

    New trailer! ...kinda

    I would definitely check and repack the wheel bearings! Also, I would replace the wheel wells /fenders in case of tire failure. Maybe some gas can racks up front also. Good luck!
  15. inajfin

    Big Air

    Nevermind... Repost