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  1. fmfred

    2014 YZ250F Impeller options?

    what's a shift stop lever? I'm about to do a bunch of work to my '14-- its getting pretty clapped out. I guess I should replace the W/P while I have the radiators out. Can someone post the part# for new shift stop lever so I can order it.... Thanks!
  2. fmfred

    Need advice for track riding!

    the best way to increase corner speed is to spend a couple of hours a day doing figure 8's, you can really hone your techniqe. They are a great drill for the winter when its too cold to do regular riding. You actually work up a sweat!
  3. fmfred

    Jumping Crossed Up, advice please

    watch a vid of a pro throwing a whip, when they are in the air sideways notice how they hook the seat with with thier free foot. Pull the bike back with that leg, after you get it somewhat straight make sure you are really pinching the frame with your knees when you land, and as everone here has already said pin it/panic rev the bike untill you have everything under control
  4. Soften you suspension, reduce your race sag, sit as far forward as possible on corner entrance, elbows up while entering so you can get more lean angle, don't spin the rear wheel
  5. fmfred

    Cross rutted crash video

    In that situation you have to hold the frame tight with your knees and pin it (panic rev) in the air before touch down.
  6. fmfred

    O.T.D price on 2014 yz250f

    7,280 otd at vickory in Denver,co
  7. fmfred

    2012 rmz 450 plastic

    I can't vouch for fitment on RMZ, But I like the polisport for my KX. The polisport comes with extra plastic washers for the bolt points and has the best heat shield. And they are made in Ohio. I've used all of them and the cycra doesn't use the same molds. And I think polisport is the only one that includes a front number plate when you buy the whole set. The acebis had a poor heat shield for my '11 kx, the graphics melted off of my right rear number plate in a couple of hours -- may not be a prob with RMZ. I'm over in the RMZ forum, because I'm going to buy a '13 soon.
  8. fmfred

    Steel lines or oversized or both

    I have done each and both on previous bikes. I personally can't tell a difference between a steel braided hose and a regular hose. I can tell a huge difference going to a 280mm brake rotor. The over sized rotor is a must have for me, overall braking force is much improved, but more importantly there is way more modulation and feel before lock up.
  9. fmfred


    You must have been drooling watching the Unadilla race this weekend then, crazy ruts, that track looked awesome! Does the '13 come stock with 22mm offset clamps.
  10. fmfred

    No freeplay in shifter

    The piece of stamped steel on the end of the the shift shaft broke on my '11 recently. I replaced the shift shaft and the tranny has shifted great for the past 20 hours. When the bike is in first gear there is a little play if you press down on the shift lever. about 1/4"-3/16" of play measured at the peg end of the shift lever.
  11. fmfred

    Has anyone used Rotella oil in there 2012 KX 450f?

    Cool, I thought rotella only came in 15/40 diesel enginge formula. I'll have to check that out. What is T6?
  12. fmfred

    Has anyone used Rotella oil in there 2012 KX 450f?

    I was kidding about the price being too much, Castrol is a little cheaper. Rotella is good oil, I don't use it in my KX because I think 15/40 is too heavy. I'm not sure if they make castrol 10/40 with friction modifiers, there are none in the stuff I buy at Walmart. You can tell by checking the grade spec label, if it says "energy conserving" it has friction modifiers. Here is a good article about oil viscosity - http://ferrarichat.com/forum/faq.php?faq=haas_articles
  13. fmfred

    Has anyone used Rotella oil in there 2012 KX 450f?

    rotella is too expensive, I use castrol10/40. And friction modifiers would be bad for clutch fibers.
  14. fmfred


    Cool, thanks for the write up. H&H was using PC tuned SFF's on their kx450's last year too. I can't wait to get mine.
  15. fmfred

    Traded in the 09 for a leftover 12 KX450F, keeping it light

    duhameister, have you ridden a '12 kx yet? they feel way lighter than my '11