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  1. mxfan

    Local Track Pics

    sick looking track, but website says you need to spend a few hundred for membership
  2. mxfan

    CR Crash

    couldnt see the third jump video, but i cant believe he had a bike left to try it on after the first two attempts
  3. mxfan

    Bubba Stewart is a dumbass

    is james stewart in contention for the title this year? (sarcasm) I know his bike blew up the ONE time, but...
  4. mxfan

    Harley vs Honda

    lol. try a suzuki marauder 1600 for only 9k. very smooth ride, bigger engine with more power, more ridable than most harleys twice its costs, maybe not as nice as those that have 50k in accessories though. 3 motorcycle magazines put the 04 1600 over the fatboy as well as other japanese bikes. but i do have to put up with a lot of yuppies saying "but its not a harley".
  5. mxfan

    Unadilla this weekend?

    cant believe they took out the wall, looks like most riders with the exception of RC didn't like the change. wonder if it gives him nightmares still from last year. i liked that section of track, racers were wide open going up the hill and then launching off the wall and flying back around. wicked battle second lites moto, cant wait to see it on OLN. even though stewart was out, thought the motocross motos were great with both ferry and windham stepping it up for their best rides in awhile.
  6. mxfan

    Unadilla this weekend?

    "I also have another question for anyone that lives in the area. I'll be coming over there from Albany (I-88), am I gonna be facing any trouble with any of the recent flooding/road closures? I know a large section of I-88 was washed out, and they're using 7 as a detour? Any help is appreciated, thanks!" last i knew 88 was still closed at the southernmost oneonta exit, so if you are coming from the north (albany) you get off I-88 at rt 23 (last oneonta exit) near the soccer hall of fame and take it to morris, then straight through light in town onto rte 13 to new berlin, then north on 8 to the track, cant miss it. probably no more than 40 minutes from oneonta to track. (or just take Rte 20 east of albany to Rte 8 then south to track). check out yahoo maps or mapquest.
  7. mxfan

    Unadilla this weekend?

    im there, only 30 minute drive for me to unadilla and 45 to broome. last year i was right on the fence when stewart tried to pass carmichael leap-frog style, ill have my camera ready this time. pit passes are cool, but last year right on the road on the way in from parking you could talk to amsoil honda and yot teams (first race they allowed metcalfe off the 2-stroke, aka the end-all of 125's in the 125 class).
  8. mxfan

    Sickest Whips, Pro or Personal

    billy laninovich might have something for renner. i dont have the link, but in one of transworld mx's dvd's billy got wicked twisted around at castillo ranch. davi millsaps' seatbounce/whip is pretty sick too.
  9. mxfan


    anyone know how mx573 and surrounding roads made out during the storm last week? last summer the track had serious runoff during some storms but none of them were as big as last week's, and the roads around snake creek marine were trashed last year during one of those storms. just wondering if it is possible to get there from the interstate, and if the track is open.
  10. mxfan

    Track in Simpson, PA?

    mx573 is open for practice, wednesday is $15 all day after 10 am and worth it, thursday to sunday is $25 all day. i think quads are $5 more. for a practice track it is pretty good, decent range of jumps, some table tops and a bunch of doubles (some more-forgiving small sets as well as bigger sets with two over 65 feet) and singles, drop offs and other jumps. some jumps are narrow (around 10 ft) to allow for bypasses, not hard to pass at other areas. at times the track has really dried out but ed will get the sprinklers and hoses on.
  11. mxfan

    happy cinco de mayo

    almost as entertaining as the three-wheeling redneck at the mx track, the one doing the superman-seat-drag
  12. mxfan

    Northeast Nationals

    i have gone to both unadilla and broome the last few years, and have been to budds before. broome is great cause you can see the whole track with only a little walking. but unadilla is wicked too with the wide open areas and the great natural jumps skyshot and gravity cavity, and screw u, and the mudpeople add entertainment too. plus you gotta feel the history with how long the robinsons have been running this track with all the great races through the decades, and this last year was no exception (i was on the fence ten feet away when bubba jumped on RC). una f ing dilla gets my vote.
  13. mxfan

    Best Suzuki RM-Z250 Pictures/Contest!

    just put pics in my garage. for the RMZ i tore off the factory graphics and slapped on Factory Effex EVO graphics on the shrouds, fenders and fork guards.
  14. mxfan

    Montrose track MX573

    anyone know if MX573 in Montrose is going to be open soon this spring, or at all? i think i saw something online about the track operator Ed maybe shutting it down, and i definitely hope they were wrong. the website isn't up anymore, dont know what is up with that, but i know that ed heads to florida in the winter. if anyone has any info that would be great.