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  1. I was shooting for riding Forest hill in the morning on the 25th. I should have my brother in law and possibly another guy with me. We were planing on doing some beginer trails. I would love to meet up with you if you were heading that way.
  2. jjerwers

    8/11 Tgif - Fh, Gt

    I will be up there friday. It's about time my bike has to work during the week. How do I get to sugarpine?
  3. Thanks for the ride everyone. I Had a terrific time. Hope I didn't slow you up too much.
  4. I will meet you up there Bob. I am also available either day. Where do we meet? What do I need to bring?
  5. jjerwers

    Bike hauler for SUV, except Husky?

    I use the Motojack rack for an 04 TE 450 and have had no issues.
  6. I'm somewhat new to the sport and own an 04 TE 450. I bought the bike used a couple of months ago and it is now time for new tires. Where should I get tires and what tires should I get? On-line or local shop? What brand model? I'm in the Sacramento, CA area and ride a combination of sand, hard packed dirt, rock, some mud. With summer on the way (hopefully), I will be riding in more packed dry conditions and possibly some sand. Any help would be appreciated
  7. jjerwers

    04 TE 450 New to me

    I'll see you there. Lets hope for the good weather.
  8. jjerwers

    04 TE 450 New to me

    Well BigBob talked me out of my 2 stroke YZ and into a Husky. These bikes are amazing. Anyway, I now own a slightly used 04 TE 450 and had a few questions. 1) Is there anything I should watch out for that is specific to this model and year of Bike? 2) Going through the owners manual the bike calls for " FUEL: Recommended fuel: Premium grade unleaded fuel. (R.O.N. 98)" At 12.5:1 Compression, Will these bikes run on 92 Octane without Knocking or do I need to run an octane boost or Trick Fuel through it? Thanks for the help and I hope to see some of you out on the trails here in N. CA