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  1. Hi, can you post some pics? I have viva vx250s. I like it. It is nice bike for $1250 delivered.
  2. ups, it looks like this bike cannot get a green sticker in CA. That is so stupid! They all look same, but for some of them you cannot get green sticker. Thanks for sharing info.
  3. I found one on that I would like to buy. It say "terminator" on it like yours. Could you tell us what is the 8th character in your VIN? The reason I am asking this is that in CA you cannot get green sticker if you have 3 or c on 8 th position. Thank you emeded
  4. Hi dugster, that is good, considering the price, right? :-) Let me know how it goes with the DMV. I do not know if it is going to be for you easier to try to get the plate first (so long they do not have any records on the file), then you always can get green sticker, right.
  5. Hi dugster, did you get your green sticker yet? Did you have to provide some paperwork when applied for a sticker? Thanks emeded
  6. Anybody with Kazuma Redcat GY 200 around??
  7. Dugster, that is great. I kind of was scared that you are not even able to get red or green sticker. Where did you hear about having dirt bikes (or in our case enduro :-) ) on the street? I do not understand what is a big deal to get it plated in CA.
  8. Hey Dugster, where you able to get it licenced, plated, green, red sticker anything?? I am waiting for my Kazuma 200cc. Do not know if will be able to get plate or register with DMV. Can you update us on your progress. I will post my when I get my. Thank you
  9. Is it possible to get at least red or green sticker in CA for those bikes?
  10. Hi there, I just bought one. Will be delivered in 2-3 weeks. Did anybody get plates, or even try to get plate for those bikes in CA? Thank you Erni