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  1. California

    Where you coming from
  2. California

    This sounds like an in testing ride that's going to happen. I will make it with my son.
  3. California

    I'll look out for you in the morning.
  4. California

    middle creek water day. Dual sport Sunday you can do it.
  5. California

    that's good with me. I'm eating at granzelas then I'll be there. If that's on you way you can join us. I have a dark grey dodge with a ladder rack and 2 ktms in the back.
  6. California

    where'd you come from. I thought you just disappeared or something. I still ride often. My son Jake has been my riding partner latley he's on 250xc now. I'll catch up with you another time.
  7. California

    40+ miles is good for us. I'm going yo try and get there around 9:30.
  8. California

    my son wants to trail ride instead. So that's what were doing
  9. California

    Going for a saterday ride with my son. Anyone want to met up for a good day of riding.
  10. im buying a set of flex bars and a 10% coupon shure would help if somone has one to share.
  11. California

    you should enter a different class so I can have a chance. See you Sunday at the start.
  12. Buying a new pair of gaerne sg-12 and a 10% coupon would be great if anyone wants to share one.
  13. California

    I'll be there Saturday if any wants to be home Sunday to see the game.
  14. I wanted to try the fordyce trail put here the creeks are to deep for bikes.
  15. California

    That was a good ride in and out before it got to hot. Let's do it again.