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  1. gxi1247

    Kansas City riding buddies

    Thanks for the heads up RJ. I think I am going to head to Kingsville on Sunday for some riding. If anybody wants to head that way with me let me know.
  2. gxi1247

    Kansas City riding buddies

    Thanks for the invite, but I already have a family thing going on that weekend.
  3. gxi1247

    Kansas Kansas City riding buddies

    I am looking for some people to go riding with around the Kansas City area. I like to go to Kingsville, Merwin, Grain Valley. I don't perfer trail riding but it is okay once and a while. I had a great riding buddy in college, but he lives in Salina, KS now. So if you want to go riding on the weekends or even after work on the weekdays, let me know. Thanks
  4. gxi1247

    1/1 weight loss challenge

    Little late. I am still at 215, but my bf% is dropping. According to my scale I am down 6 lbs in body fat but I am weighing the same. Works for me
  5. gxi1247

    1/1 weight loss challenge

    I am a little late for weigh in. This morning I was down to 214.6.
  6. gxi1247

    1/1 weight loss challenge

    First Name: Adam SW: 218 GW: 200
  7. gxi1247

    New 3 Month Weight Loss Challenge

    Im in, looking to hit 200
  8. gxi1247


    Only if he throws in a sandwich
  9. gxi1247

    Building muscle fast

    Look up a book called Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe. Here is a link to the wiki for the book http://startingstrength.wikia.com/wiki/Starting_Strength_Wiki If you have never done any type of strength training this is the book that will get you to where you want to be. It covers the basics of each of the 5 lifts that you will be doing on the program, squats, deadlifts, press, bench press, power cleans. It also has a section on nutrition, and at 6'3" 145 lbs you are the perfect candiate to put on some muscle if you eat, eat, eat. This is a no frills program, just hard work.
  10. gxi1247

    3 Month Weight Lose Challenge

    216-last week 212.6-Today
  11. gxi1247

    3 Month Weight Lose Challenge

    Adam Weight Monday: 216 Goal: 200
  12. gxi1247

    Time to get off of your FAT ASS!!!!!

    Im in. Put me down for 15 lbs. That will put me at 200.
  13. gxi1247

    R&D flex-jet fuel screw

    So I took it apart and now its spins nicely. One more question for you guys. On my 2 stroke if you turned the fuel screw out it leaned it out, but its opposite on a 4 stroke correct (out is richer)?
  14. gxi1247

    R&D flex-jet fuel screw

    Awesome, I will take a look at it tomorrow night and see if I can't get it spinning freely again. Thanks again