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  1. I wish I had the time and money to do this the right way but I just don't have a whole lot of spare time right now. I have just purchased the Devol 1.75 lowering link for the rear. Can someone point me toward the correct product to lower the front end equal to the rear? I'm thinking I just need to get some bar risers that will allow me to move the triple clamps down, but here's the link to what I ordered. http://www.motosport.com/devol-lowering-link-kit?mmy=suzuki%3Bdrz400s%3B2016
  2. Thank you sir! I'm going to start off with the lower seat and go from there. I may end up having to get the suspension reworked. It's very plush as is.
  3. LoL... what? The nature of a woods bike is to be too tall? It's actually a dual sport, and I don't need to work on my balance son. I'm 32 and I've been riding and racing since I was 12. I've been a member of this forum over 10 years. I have no problem maintaining my balance at low speeds in the woods. I love that shit! My only issue with this bike is coming to a dead stop on uneven ground. This rarely ever happens, but when it does I'm going down because I can barely touch with one foot even on flat ground. This thread was simply asking for advice on lowering my bike, not riding advice. Thank you drive through...
  4. I'm around the Macon area. You?
  5. I left that part out. I was actually planning on lowering the front along with the rear, but as suggested, that could take more time and money. Can someone suggest some good low seats that fit my bike?
  6. Just bought a new 2016 DRZ400S. I love this bike but its a little tall for me and I have already tipped over twice in the woods because I can barely touch the ground on my tiptoes. I know the seat foam is very high on this bike, so I suppose I could look around for a lower seat, but I would kind of like to keep the oem tall seat and lower the bike with the Devol lowering link. What would you guys suggest as the best route to go with lowering this bike? Any other options???
  7. wish i was waiting on one of these bikes. I wouldn't mind it as long as i knew that bad boy was in the mail:ride:
  8. i honestly hate the fact that they are doing away with 2 strokes, WHY!?? they are so much cheaper and fun. now we are gonna be forced to buy those money eatin four strokers. The only reason people buy them are because of the pros and thats sad. hold on to the 2 stroke!
  9. Plug color isn't the best indicator but since you asked. The correct color is mocha or light brown. If its jet black then it's definitely on the rich side. If its frosty white then its too lean.
  10. usually when my bikes are too rich they will sputter and pop. when they are lean they'll bog.
  11. funny how he said dont make fun of me then just goes out there and kills it!
  12. I run yamalube 2r in mine at 40:1. Thats the best setup ive found. Used to run motul but it created too much tar coming out to the exhaust valve hoses.
  13. Taking your time is very good advice. Keep plenty of fresh plugs on hand and check your plug often. A light brown chocolaty color is what you want. If it starts looking frosty its too lean and you need take a step back.
  14. whats different about the plastic?
  15. fmf makes the best pipes period.