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  1. How much oil does the Eiger take with an Oil Change?
  2. Maybe I should be asking what's the pro and cons to a 110 vs. 120 tire(D952)?
  3. I thought I was buying the Dunlop 120/90-18 65M (Original)and was sold a Dunlop 110/90-18 61M (New) . I was happy with my original tire size. I mostly ride the trials and can range from heavy rocks to sandy trials? What do you guys recommend??? What's the difference?
  4. Does anyone have any advise on repacking my FMF pipe... 1) When should I replace my packing? 2) Is there any tricks to repacking? Thanks, BDW
  5. Does anyone have any information on a Honda 1970 CT70. I need to do some TL on it and do not have a Manual,etc..
  6. What are you guys using>>>>>>>>> I had been using UNI air filter with their oil and cleaner kit. I just switch up and started cleaning the filters with Stoddard solvent. I am now using Bel Ray foam filter oil.Seems to be working good so far!
  7. BDW

    torque spec??????

    Thank you>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. BDW

    torque spec??????

    Thanks...I will keep this around. But this doesn't answer my request. I would like to know for a piece of mind. Those bolts broke off and destroyed my stater($250.00). just don't want it to happen again, you know.
  9. BDW

    torque spec??????

    Does anyone know what to torque down the Generator Rotor bolts. Their is a total of six of them. I am using a 5mm hex.
  10. BDW

    Gas in the Carb....

    Is it a good idea to run the gas out of your Carb when your bike is not going to be in use for awhile (One month plus...).I am not sure to leave it in with fuel stabilizer or run it out.I taught if you run the gas out of the carb you will slowly build a residue over a period time.What are you guys doing when storing your bike????????
  11. I've been having problems lately and taught it was my carb. My starter went out and found that the generator/rotor bolts heads broke off. Wow, it destroyed my stater. I was told that this could be why my bike has been running like s*&(. I am new at this and was suggested to me to have some go threw my carb and clean it up for me first? My question is I am doing a 3x3 mod and would like to know if i need to re-jet for this??? I am really not sure what i have for a main jet, pilot, fuel, and needle. Model : 2001 E Main jet: 142 (stock)???? Pilot Jet: 45 (stock)???? Fuel screw (turns out): 1.5 (stock)???? Needle/Clip position: DXP / 4 (stock)???? Airbox lid (on or off): 3x3 mod Pipe: FMF Pipe(Oval One) Altitude where you ride: 200 - 5500 ft Temperature where you ride: 50 -100 °F
  12. Another rookie question...PM's???Do you mean preventive maintenance???
  13. BDW

    RS3, 3x3, FCR...Holy Shnikes!!!

    My pipe off of the head is glowing red also...Can you tell me what would be causing that?
  14. Thank you for all your assistance - it has helped a great deal. I have truly appreciated this website and yourself, it has taught me to work on my own bike. I should have told you I am doing all this work without a service manual. The motorcycle shop in town has told that the service manual for my bike is on back order. I have been using a website that has microfiche on DRZ parts. Thanks again for all your help, I really do appreciate it!