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  1. Not funny
  2. How about HERE?
  3. I've been using a Magellan eXplorist 600 but just recently replaced it for a Garmin Oregon 300. I've used it a few times on my 950 to test it out and it seems better than the eXplorist.
  4. You can but that would be dumb.
  5. Front rim locks are 2.5oz. Rears are about 4oz. Yes and no. As the tire wears, you'll have a high spot and it gets progressively worse until your situation occurs. Check your tread depth all the way around the tire. I think so. When you brake hard on hard packed surfaces, the tire can spin. I usually run 1 in the front and 2 in the rear and then balance them.
  6. And there's guys that use their EXC's to commute on too. Just because it has a plate, doesn't mean it's a street bike.
  7. Here's a US vendor: www <dot> motoplasticsus <dot> com (***? no hot links allowed now?) I've ordered from them before for Husky stuff and they're good.
  8. More than you wanted to know... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KTM
  9. Just sold my '04 Husky TC450 and I have a '03 KTM 450 EXC. I needed a bike with a plate and the KTM was already plated. I'm still trying to sort out the KTM but the Husky has great power delivery. The KTM was bone stock when I got it about 5 months ago and ran like a dog. I put in a JD jet kit and it had much better power but still not as much as the Husky. I do miss the Husky. I'll probably see what I can do with the KTM but still want to get a Husky SMR next year.
  10. A couple of thoughts... DO NOT use a screwdriver unless you like pinched tubes. Tire spoons (not tire irons or screwdrivers) are the best way to get tires on w/o damaging the rim, tire or tube. 3 of them is best but it can be done with 2. DO NOT use WD40. It will stay slick and your tires will spin even with rimlocks. Windex is slippery enough for installation and turns slightly tacky when it dries, helping the tire grip the rim. USE baby powder inside the tire. It helps prevent pinched tubes. The details in the TWX video are very important. Good luck!
  11. Looking to wire a brake light? Follow the wires from the tail light. If there's 2, you need a new light. If there's 3 wires, the third wire would be from the brakes.
  12. Here's mine at Thomaston Dam in CT: And my other KaTooM:
  13. The reason the 450 is better in the tight stuff isn't the weight but the moving mass of the piston. It'll feel lighter than the 525. If you're not going to ride on the street (even if you do) the 450 would be a better choice from what you're going to do with it. The 450 has plenty of power but you'll want to jet it asap as they come lean from the factory. Get the 525 if you need to compensate.
  14. That's canadian money so it's like 5 bucks, maybe 10.
  15. Here's some pics...