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  1. California

    So... i'm curious. If I were to move to CA because my job moved there and I kept my KTM 990 with Akro pipes... It's registered in WA and is not brand new. So technically i'm exempt from a few things. What kind of shenanigans would I encounter w/ this state of regulation? It's loud but like any bike (like my old DRZ w/ a Yoshi pipe) - keep off the gas it's not THAT bad. I ask because the pipes weren't cheap and it sounds great - like a ducati. I saw a law on the books where they'll ticket you for loud pipes... well lots of places will do that but curious what kinds of crap any of you have encountered. Sound off!!
  2. Lets call this... the NSA view... cuz it's aways watching you:
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    Sold... Sad... :(
    Sold... Sad...
  4. Update - SM Granny (Debi on this forum) to the rescue. She blew up her motor a few years ago and kept it for parts. She sold me the cover for $50. OK great. Had to cancel my other parts order. Put the damn thing on there and it fired right up. Thanks for all the help!!
  5. cool. OK... the new case gasket - install it dry or do I put some oil on it?
  6. Mr. Marquez - you're awesome. Thanks for your patience. No question the gasket is going to be replaced. I shoulda just said that since it's on order anyway (see more below). Too late on the screw... no big deal, i'll get another one. I'll head to the hardware store for an impact wrench, new screw (the head is F'd) and of course the universal head remover thing - you know for idiots like me . easy enough I hope . Interesting - I know the parts for the KLX are interchangeable (mostly). Since my bike is an '06 DR-Z 400SM, I put in for the Suzuki P/N 11482-29F00 along w/ the other $255(ish) worth of stuff. So the question now becomes - is that round seal you mentioned held in there w/ the JIS screw reusable. Any idea of a P/N for that bad boy? Finding that guy online is like looking trying to find an easter egg in a wheat field. Last question (for now) - I know, remove the plastic gear first (duh), but how the hell does that water pump case come off of the clutch side case? i'm leery of just prying it off. Does it take man hands or some finesse or both?
  7. Thanks. I'll have to get that part i guess. Any idea the part number? I can't find it on the fische. FYI, so we're all clear - this is what i broke (on the inside):
  8. Hopefully these pics show up OK... This is the screw and ring i'm talking about: The gasket looks OK - I'll probably re-use it but should i get some of that "silver stuff"? Where can i get some of it?
  9. Thanks man. I'll post a pic when i get home. It's on my computer. This is my work computer.
  10. Specifically P/N 11341-29F50. OK so 7 years after i bought this bike, i finally managed the strip threads of the side case that holds the oil filter drain plug. I feel like an idiot... I purchased a new side case P/N 11341-29F50 because the female threads are toast on the existing part. I dont feel comfortable drilling it out and putting a helicoil in it when i can just get all new parts and can't screw THAT up! Along w/ a case side, I did purchase all new gaskets for that area of the bike. $270 total (free shipping!) I'm curious of a few things: The big gasket has a little grey/silver lookin' stuff on the gasket. kina looks like arctic silver from a heat sink. What is that stuff? There's a philips screw head on the case that holds a clip that holds a ring onto that case - i can't get that damn thing loose.... any idea what that is and if it comes w/ the case? I have a pic but i'll have to upload it when i get home. Finally, what is the torque spec on that case side? Anything else i should know (like tricks or lessons learned) on this? Thanks guys!
  11. SM Face vid... just for fun.