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  1. go to your house of rep gotta love a special sunday session sierra club must have paid some bucks for that
  2. congrats on the new bike please update as often as you like do you ride mostly in the mountains what terrain?? have fun,
  3. i need a bike street legal but that t ride is very fun looking bike i just wish i could ride like the promo video rider!!!
  4. I don't mind that as long as the 950 is street legal and less$$$$ than ktm
  5. anybody know when the 950 goes on sale?? highland/atk its all good
  6. thanks for the info I decided just to do the piston and rings and get it/me back in the dirt and save the money for tires etc.. why is there never enough money for one little dirt bike???
  7. thanks for the reply i know if i changed one thing i would have to change something but i didn't know how much more after te hot cam
  8. has anyone installed these and is there any noticable benefit before i pay @$200 anyone withe exerience with them.. thanks
  9. Its been a while since i was at the falls of hills creek but that one in the U P is close...... good pics
  10. where's the waterfall pic from? hills creek???
  11. has this gone to production or any release dates been given? looks like fun!
  12. on mcn(motorcycle news) web site in the new bike section they have that in milan this week bennelli will unveil road legal bike range 450cc up to 570cc this could be a very interesting
  13. str by MV Agusta will be a sweet bike but probably won't make it to the usa it does resemble the bmw x model of bikes..but better looking
  14. they had better keep federica also where is my 2007 str????650 i believe it was to be... bmw will probably start small changes when next model year starts until then i think they call it F.U.D.