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    Riding my NSR250, RGV250, Husaberg 400FE, GASGAS250, Supermagna, YSR50,CRF,KLX300 and my girlfrend.
  1. spankmonkey

    KLX 250 F with a Honda CB150 exhaust

    Do a plug chop with a fresh plug to see if it is running lean or rich. ie. look at the plug after running it hard and look at the colour of the plug. And yes it also works on 4-strokes.
  2. spankmonkey

    KLX Frame question

    Motonick34, PM sent re:another frame for sale.
  3. spankmonkey

    KLX Frame question

    Hi Craig, Must say the frame you sent me (at the reduced shipping rate:ride: ) is in excellent shape. Thanks again for the help!!! Motonick34, Depending on how bad the frame is it can be fixed. Take it to a local shop that does it and ask them if they can fix it. If it's fixable ask them how its done. Maybe your shop instructors can then do it for you.
  4. spankmonkey

    KLX300 front brake issue

    You will probably need to take off the cable and lube it with a proper cable oiler. There's a small hole that you can squirt the WD40 into. You won't believe the amount of crud that builds up in a cable. Hope this helps. http://www.poamotocross.co.uk/Hardware_Images/Cable%20Oiler.jpg
  5. spankmonkey

    KLX Frame question

    Bill_P, Thanks again for the reply!
  6. spankmonkey

    KLX Frame question

    I currently have in my toybox a GasGas 250, Husaberg 400, CRF230 and have owned about 10 other dirtbikes. IMHO it's one of the best trail/woods bikes for the buck. That's if you do a lot of trail riding like Vedder, Chipmunk, Hope or Squamish it's awesome. Low seat height, tonnes of torque and easy to ride. Go try one out.
  7. spankmonkey

    KLX Frame question

    Hi Bill_P, Thanks for the reply. Would the parts from my '03 easily fit to the earlier frame? I'm worried about seat location, gas tank fitting properly, and of course the motor fitting ..etc. As for the bent headstock, I had a head-on on a logging road with an assclown going the wrong way. He was flying around this corner when I came around. Thank good I got rid of my normal chest protector and wore my body armour from my road racing gear. You know the one piece kind with everything sown into place... shoulder pads, elbow pads, chest and multi link back protector. It saved me from breaking any bones. Still sore but not broken.
  8. spankmonkey

    KLX Frame question

    Hi, I have a snafu'd frame on my 2003 KLX300R. Does anyone know what frame is interchangeable with this year? I will need to get another frame and would like the least amount of headache when switching all my components over. Is anyone out there selling said frame? Thanks in advance!
  9. spankmonkey

    crf 230 mods

    Ebeck, I would be very interested in the outcome of the 120 vs 132 mains dyno test. What altitude are you normally riding at? I'm usually anywhere from 400ft - 2500 ft.
  10. spankmonkey

    fork guards? where to find

    re: frame guards Thanks for the help everyone! Correct me if I am wrong... but does the KDX and the KLX share the same frame? If so, won't the KDX220 listed in the UFO catologue fit? Just the facts please
  11. spankmonkey

    fork guards? where to find

    Does anyone know where to get frame guards for the KLX? Thanks!