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    CRF450X bike build off bike.

    When I read this, I thought this statement was so rediculous and negative in nature, I actually went and added up the total cost of the mods, just to prove it wrong. It becomes slightly difficult to do, simply because the suspension costs are hard to find online, as well as the baja designs costs. However, I got myself into the ballpark and it is around $6,000. Now I'm no professional racer, nor have I had my bikes professionally maintained, but I can say with some certainty, the costs of the mods do NOT exceed buying two 2005 450X's, let alone pay to have them professionally maintained for racing. I would assume those costs are in the tens of thousands of dollars. I'm sure your comments were intended to be sarcastic, but they are presented in such a negative manner, I had to put them in their place. No matter what preference any of us might have as to how these bikes look, the purpose of the whole bike build was to mod a bike to "dream" status and put it up against some stiff competition. Why? because thats just down right FUN! Anyone can go test out a stocker, shoot, there are hundreds of posts and articles on that here and in magaizines. And that will only run you the cost of a new bike. But to see a dream bike, based on member suggestions become reality....well thats priceless. Cheers -Steve
  2. portpilot

    250X vs. 450X

    Very helpful replies! So realistically.....if i go with the 450, am I going to kill myself? I will spend alot of time out in the desert...and im thinkin the extra power would be nice but not enough if I have to trade power for broken bones! Or I just go for the gold and pick up a 250, a 450, and a 525 with a baja designs street kit and call it a day. Someone pinch me...
  3. portpilot

    250X vs. 450X

    Thanks for the replies! As far as places I will ride...I would expect to go anywhere within a reasonable distance from San Diego. I hope to take this bike and go explore all the great places to ride in SoCal (Ocatillo, hungry valley, el marage, baja, local mnts...etc). I dont plan on taking it to a track; not really interested. But most likely will take it to Glamis eventually...just to try it out (but I have a trx 450R for that) Am I going to find myself winding the 250X out to the max too often in the dez??? I swung a leg over a 450X today (it does feel heavy ) at the LBS as well as the 250X....left with a big grin
  4. portpilot

    250X vs. 450X

    I am looking to either purchase a 450X or 250X as my first dirt bike. I have never ridden one before but have ridden (I'm not even sure if worth mentioning) 250R/450R quads for many many years. I will ride the bike out in the California desert in the winter, and most likely hit the local trails during the summer. I am 22 yrs old, 5'9 180, and primarily concerned with how heavy the 450X feels and am not sure if I will be able to handle all that power which makes me think the 250X would be perfect. On the other hand, I'm sure I will get used to the power of a 450 eventually, but would I be doing myself a disservice by getting something that is out of my league to start with?
  5. portpilot

    Convert CRF 450X to "R"

    which article/issue are you referring to? -Steve
  6. portpilot

    New to the game

    Like many others, I too am having trouble deciding where to spend my money on a new bike. I have been riding quads - not dirt bikes - since I was 5 years old (now 22 yrs old) because growing up, my parents wouldn't let me ride one (even though my dad raced dirt bikes for over 10 yrs). However, as much as I love riding my '89 Honda TRX 250R, I can not tell you how badly I am ready to start riding dirt bikes! I have always been envious because they just look so damn fun. I spend my riding time in the California desert, both at Ocotillo and in the dunes; this is exactly where this bike will get ridden. I would like to buy new, but of course, would consider used. I am 5'9, 180lb, and have ridden friends' CR125 and 250SX but only briefly (I am partial to Honda and KTM). With the new CA emissions laws, it seems a 4-stroke might be the best answer. Thanks for the tips in advance! -Steve