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  1. taylormagee11

    Stock Size Carb Xr80

    What Size Is The Stock Size Of The Carb For An 84 Xr80 In Milimeters
  2. taylormagee11

    xr80 forks

    i have an 84 xr 80--all stock--i was wondering if anyone know if i can just swap over a set of forks from an 85-03 xr80? do i hve to replace the front wheel or should i just get forks for an xr100.
  3. taylormagee11

    xr80 exhaust

    i also have another problem--i have cleaned the carb, replaced the petcock, replaced the coil, plug and wire--the bike's exhaust near the manifold turns almost bright red after 30 mins--there is no internal engine damage--could this be caused by a too lean of air/fuel ratio?
  4. taylormagee11

    xr80 exhaust

    i have an 84 xr80--i want to put an exhaust and carb on it--what should i look for and will rejetting be needed? i see alot of company's only list back to 85--will this still fit my 84?
  5. taylormagee11

    84 Xr80 Mods

    I Have An 84 Xr80 That I Want To Upgrade The Rear Shocks Because I Am About 190lbs. Can I Use Any Shock That Is 12" Eye To Eye And Does Anyone Know A Company That Makes Them For An 84--i Have Found Alot Of Company's Only List 85 And Newer--can These Parts Be Used On My 84?--also How Could I Increase My Performance Overall, I Just Trail Ride