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    New 2009 450R -- 2 hrs, no compression

    Just saw you're reply Frankie.... I didn't suspect a broken pin for 2 reasons, it's brand new with a march 09 VIN so it shouldn't have been a suspect, and also the thing would kick too easy instead of too hard. Anyways, as you can see I'm a dope...
  2. pace21

    New 2009 450R -- 2 hrs, no compression

    Wow, I knew I came to the right place. I'm such a dope. Started first kick after I pulled the wash plug! Thanks MrFoster.... Although I'm still confused as to why that would cause the behavior... Is the continuous backpressure from the plug causing the autodecompression to stay open during the whole kick stroke? Maybe that makes sense... Anyways, thanks.
  3. I just picked up my new 09 CRF450R last week. Brought it to a practice track, broke it in for a while, then went hard for about an hour. It ran perfect. Brought it home, cleaned it, changed the engine oil, and then attempted to start it... It kicked over but didn't turn the engine over, almost like the kickstarter gear was not coupled to the clutch basket, or like there was just no compression. I'm way confused. Any ideas as to what could be happening? Any similar experiences? I tried to bump start it in gear in case the auto-decompression was stuck open, but that didn't help. From what I read the problem that many people have is the auto-decompression sticks closed, making it difficult/impossible to kick. I'm having the opposite problem, it kicks to easy and feels like no compression. Again, it's brand new with less than 2 hours total on the bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  4. Actually, I'm guessing based on other threads that I have read that neither the Boyesen AP cover or the PowerNow will require a re-jet, so I guess my question boils down to what the effects of the FMF Ti Q muffler will be on jetting... anyone? Thanks.
  5. I have a bone stock 05 CRF250R, I just ordered a Ti Q muffler, as well as a Power Now insert and Boyesen accelerator pump cover. My question is, with these mods, should I expect to have to re-jet? If so, any ballpark recommendations? I am also considering ordering the JD jet kit and doing that too since I will have the carb out anyway. Does the JD kit include alternate jet sizes (up and down from standard)? I ride at sea level to 1000 feet max. (20F to 50F in winter and 50F to 90F in summer, New England woods mostly). Thanks in advance.