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    1986 Quadsport

    When I was into working on older machines, Ebay was the best bet. More stuff for Honda ATC's but it's worth a shot for the Quadsport. I had an 86 back in 86 and loved it. It's the reason I still ride Suzuki today....

    anyone ride trikes here?

    I was a huge ATC fan. I started with a 84 200s, then on to a 86 350X, then to a 85 250r, then back to a 86 350X. Wish I never parted with the last 350x as it was perfect. My buddy still has a couple ATC's that are in very nice shape. A couple of years ago I went nuts restoring an 85 Big Red. Buying all this stuff on Ebay, including a take out motor from an 87. Another 85 carcus as a parts machine. Wife thought I was nuts. I had enough and sold everything as a package deal on ebay to another nut who wanted to build a perfect one. Only lost $500.00 on that ordeal.. The ban on production of atc's was only for 10 years as I recall. CAn you image if Honda decided to make like one commerative model again?

    Suzuki 2008 King Quad 750 pros/cons

    I've had this machine for a couple months. I must say it's my favorite as I've had about 6 quads since around 2003. Pros-Feels suprisily nimble/light, Great Ground clearance, Lights & styling great. Positive gear shift lever, decent power, incredible top end, almost too much. Love the diff lock switch set up. Cons-Smaller fuel tank, not as crisp as it should be for efi, almost clutched too high. It seams like it shifts out real fast. I guess that's what low range is for. I had a 2005 Honda rubicon with an awesome hydrostactic tranny. Nice put expensive over belt/clutch systems. Plastic skid plates. I had a used 2001 Quadmaster that actually had alum from factory. I understand mfg trying to keep cost down. NO pre-winch wiring. Had a 2006 Vinson that had it, and was nice and neat. All and all I hope I can hang on to this one. I'm a snowmobiler and boater so I usually get the itch every fall to buy a quad since I had them growing up and then get board by Feb, and sell them. Yes, I've lost my azz doing this There's not many places to ride anymore where we live. BTW, nice site. Thanks TT for thinking of us.
  4. It's that time to find a machine for my daughter. She will be 5 in June and all her friends already have chinease machines. I've been looking at them but not sure about the semi-tranny. I really like the size and auto tranny of the Quad Z50. Is it worth the extra money? I have a 3 year-old son it could be handed down to as well. Plus, I have a DRZ 400S and love to match brands in the garage:ride: Thanks in advance...

    Tires and tire size - a few questions

    I have had good luck with the front and rear D-606's. I have stock size and the back looks a lot bigger than a stock size Trail-Wing. I've used them quite a bit on the street, 1,000 miles or so, and it's holding up well. Actually ride quality on pavement is good in my opinion. Off road they really honk too. I've heard that Kenda's 50/50 (not trackmaster) is a good tire too for the money.

    Suzuki Belt on Quadmaster 500

    Just picked up a 2000 Quadmaster 500 utility ATV. It's had little use, one owner, 900 miles. How long do folks get (on average) out of a belt? Just curious, and is there service required on the clutches? Thanks in advance.

    Belt on Quadmaster 500

    Sounds great. Thanks for the reply.

    DRZ Sprocket Situation

    I don't think anyone had any problems, and the bike could probably pull a 38 but they are a high reving engine by nature so they don't advise gearing them that tall in general. SM gearing is 15/41 with a 17 rear wheel for a good reference. I do know that a 16 (anything larger than the stock 15) front is out of the question. Take the cover off and you will see. The 15 alone just fits.

    DRZ Sprocket Situation

    It was definately better, I'd say about the same r's as stock gearing @ 55 or close. I would not go any lower than a 41 Rear from other stories on the board.

    DRZ Sprocket Situation

    I have the same bike and just tried a 41T rear. It does calm the r's down quite a bit on top. I removed a link from the stock chain. I went back to stock gearing, as I felt it was a bit too tall for off road situations. Same old story, finding a happy medium is tough. I know what you mean, the stock gearing does scream on the highway. I have that JT 41T sprocket that I used for 2 miles before I changed it back. If you want it for $20.00 if you pay shipping. I've got the stock chain also with the link removed with 3,200 road only miles for cheap if your interested. It's in good shape. Thanks, Joe email is machzoutlaw@frontiernet.net

    another another c/s nut victim

    Well, after some thought on this topic I ended up taking off the front sprocket, cleaning everything, and applying red locktite as described and re-torqued to 80ftlbs. I must say, I do feel more comfortable. Everything looked and felt fine. The nut was tight, but not 80 by any means so it probably was a good idea. As I've been reading there are just too many stories about this issue so I figured what the heck. It was painless. Thanks for the info.
  12. My bike has 3,000 miles on it and it's tight. I'm not going to worry about it. What about the other bikes like the DR350 that just use an E-clip to hold it in place? The sprocket actually is allowed to ride back and forth a bit, and was recommended by Jesse to use the E-clip method on a 650 I had when I ordered a 14t from him. As long as the sprocket does not come off, which the retaining washer should stop even if loose, I don't see what all the alarm is over. I can certainly appreciate all of the knowledge here but it never ceases to amaze me how things like this, the cam chain tensioner issue, and all the others get so much attention. It's as if a guy with a stock bike is doomed and the bike will self distruct if he does not tear it apart after reading all of the theories on these forums. And all forums seem to be the same from boat, bike, and snowmobile. All and all good info I guess but I certainly take only bits and pieces from what I read.

    Drz Tail Light

    I don't believe it will. The subframes are different. I don't think the metal extends around like the S, on the E. I've seen guys use the Acerabis combo unit with light and signals mounted on one piece of plastic, but still some stuff to deal with to make it fit right. I left mine alone and just trimmed it down and remounted the plate flush without the bracket. I'm happy with it. Tailight still looks like a small tv though.
  14. Just picked up this 05 and wanted to verify the gearing was stock. I was shocked when I pulled the cover off and noticed how close the sprocket rides to the swingarm/chain guide. Please tell me this is normal. It is a stock 15t. I can't imagine people run 16's to they? I actually was considering gearing it up for highway. I guess I'd have to go to a 41t rear from the stock 44t.
  15. Awesome. I did not know if the SM 41t from Suzuki was the same bolt pattern or not. Thanks for the replys...
  16. Glad to hear I'm not crazy. Did you have to shorten the chain with the 41 rear?
  17. Just bought a bone stock 2005 DRZ400S with 3,200 miles on it. The guy used it for a daily commuter, never been off road. It looks perfect. Just curious how many miles you guys think these engines are good for? Well over 10,000 in stock form? Of course good maintaince and riding conditions will play a role but just wondered if they are some high mileage stories out there. I know I have had older XL600's with 12,000 miles and they still ran strong.

    How many miles are they good for?

    Wow, great mileage stories. Thanks for all the replys.

    DR650 to a DRZ400?

    I've had both. I bought a new 400 in 2002 and loved it. I sold it a couple of years ago and bought a new 06 650. I just sold it. I felt the 400 was more powerful down low and was very surprised. I liked the 650 more on the open highway, but prefer the 400 overall. I just picked up an 05 400. Either bike is great however so good luck with whatever your decision.

    DR650 Chain Roller Sizes

    I replaced mine too. I found it impossible to torque the upper one so I guessed. I got mine from Jesse, they look like rubber, but I've heard they last. We'll see...

    DR400 vs. DR650

    I had an 02 DRZ400S that I loved. I got a bug up my butt and sold it in 04. It was a tall bike though, I had a gel seat on it and it was managable, but still tall in the rocky/uneven stuff. I'm only 5'8", so it's my fault, not the bikes. It was geared kind of low for 65mph cruising on the street, definately more of a dirt bike. I just bought an 06 650 and it's a tank. I utilized the factory lowering option front and back and now I'm flat footed on the bike, but it kinda looks strange with so much less travel in the front end. I have not had it off road yet, and just installed a 14t front sprocket, but it definatly does not have anymore power than the 400 had. So in short, I guess I liked the 400 more, even though it was taller. I can't see myself holding on this 650 very long, it's kind of boring. I don't want to screw with pipes or anything, just have barley enought time to ride once and a while. Anyone who can afford the 400 and it not vertically challenged should buy it over the 650.

    DR 650 pricing

    Very well said!!
  23. I know this has been covered, but I got replacement chain rollers from Jesse and their a touch bigger in diamater. With the 14T front sprocket, the chain path seems fine. This is ok, right?

    JT sprocket problem

    Well, I picked up the 520 JT from the dealer to have on hand for a spare, and it's a 525 afterall. Go figure. And yes, the bolts go in the JT holes just fine. Now I have more 525 front sprockets than I know what to do with

    Replacement chain rollers-OK if a little bigger than stock?

    Thanks guys. I got the ones from Jesse, they look kinda rubbery, we will see how long they last, if they puke, I'll grab some Moose's.