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  1. Anyone else have issues with thier local motocross club? In Colorado, seems each year the costs go up, but nothing new is ever done to improve the tracks. $12.00 per person gate fee, $20.00 per rider for Sat. practice, then $30.00 per class. Interested how your area cost compared to these?
  2. deli50

    where in CO?

    Canon City
  3. deli50

    For any who oppose the Fair Class Rule

    it's more about the rider than the bike anyway.....like the change
  4. deli50

    2006 YZ250F - Tearing Bike Down

    hope you get your graphic, ordered same ones about a month ago, still on backorder
  5. What do you think, I bought an Evolution freesytle ramp about 2 yrs ago, and kinda stopped using it, had it set up at a local riding area, and alot of people used it. I finally went and got it, gonna replace the deck, and sell it. I paid 2500 bucks and drove to Cali. to pick it up, what should I sell it for?
  6. deli50

    New 2005 cdi box on 2006 yzf250

    pretty much got things figured out, was one of two things, maybe both, but found that the spark plug cap was not all the way down on plug, and also float bowl height was high. After re-jetting, runs alot better. I tried both CDI boxes, to see if any differances were felt. The 06 seemed smoother from 3/4 to full throttle continues pull. The 05 CDI had a stronger surge from 3/4 to full throttle, more of a hit. I left the 05 on, seemed to like it better.
  7. deli50

    New 2005 cdi box on 2006 yzf250

    little more info, last weekend, waiting on starting line, 2 min board goes up, bike won't start. Tried to push start it, NOPE!!, take it back to trailer, pull plug, of course it's soaking wet, put in new plug, fires on first kick. I also read another thread about unhooking TPS, did that made no differance on how bike ran. Ive always liked Yamaha's but this is crazy, seems like I spend more time trying to fix this thing than riding it.
  8. deli50

    New 2005 cdi box on 2006 yzf250

    the 2005 cdi box, makes NO differance, it does exactly what I had to begin with, still at about 3/4 throttle, starts to cut out, and refuses to continue revving. Living in Colorado, Ive spoken with several other owners on the 250f, and have been told they have a 170 main in use. Im down to a 155 main, just to make it run as good as it does. Anything bigger, it cuts out sooner than 3/4 throttle. Any other idea's???
  9. Well it finally showed up, going to install tonight. I hope you guys were right, and this makes my bike wake up on the top end. Will give a full report when Im done.
  10. deli50

    2006 yzf-250 main jet issue

    thx all for the help, yes this was like this the day I bought it, but since I never had a 4-stroke, hows a guy know what its supposed to run like.
  11. deli50

    2006 yzf-250 main jet issue

    so if the cdi unit is bad, can it be tested? Dealer could not tell me, as the mechanic is on vacation, and of course they have never heard of a bad cdi unit!!! A new unit I was quoted was 525.00 for the 06, and the 05 unit was not the same, so it would not work on the 06, from what they say. also 525.00 each. Im thinking an aftermarket would be cheaper, and maybe better anyway. Where to purchase??
  12. So, Ive read as much as poss. about jetting, but still do not have a solid answer for my problem. "The Problem" is at full throttle the bike craps out like it's hitting the rev limiter. Ive tried differant size main jets, first going bigger, in which it cuts out sooner then before. So I decided to start going smaller on the main, 1/2 step at a time. This seemed to help, but now Im down to a 150 main jet, and I still get the issue at full throttle, just not as soon. I feel like Im way lean for my alltitude (colorado) 5280 ft. Starting to think it's something else maybe ( float height, fuel, ??) Any help. Also tried the fmf jetting kit, in which the main jet has an insert that you screw a street bike looking jet into bottom, this kit seemed to help the off idle area, starts easy, runs great till high rmp. ??????
  13. deli50

    Need Help Clearing This Jump

    there are two local pro's that also do that same jump, NON factory bikes, but the only one that can say they cleared it, or at least landed on top is Chad Reed.