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  1. Can you bring the 09 specs up to the 10 for a reasonable cost and whats the best way to go about upgrading the 09? The deals on the 09s are real nice now. I dont see a huge difference for an average rider like myself. Thanks!
  2. 960

    150R legal in 85 Class?

    Has there been any talk from the AMA about making the 150R legal in the 85 class next year? Thanks, Larry
  3. My son races his 150RB flattrack and supermoto. Were looking at upgrading performance with Pro Circuits cam, HC piston and pipe system. Has anyone done these upgrades to their 150RB and how were the performance results and reliability ? Or should I consider something else for the performance upgrade. Thanks!
  4. I have a chance to buy a new 06 CRF250R for a killer low price but Im concerned about the Bog problem Ive read in all the test reports. Whats the best fix or can it be fixed for a resonable cost. Thanks for info.
  5. 960

    Best Oil

    In a new bike I change the oil after the first ride. I went with the Castrol R4 superbike oil like the manual said with the first two changes and then went to AMSOIL (lower cost) with no problems. The most important thing is to change the oil often. If I ride hard for the weekend, I change it and clean the air filter. Its your engines life blood.
  6. Has any had their seat lowered by Clive at Custom Ceet? Was it a good job with quick turn around? Thanks for the input! Larry
  7. 960

    Need to lower 06 KX250F

    Id like to lower my 06 KX250F using a Kouba link. Who makes a good bar riser to lower the front and who makes a lower seat. I appreciate the input and help. Thanks, Larry
  8. 960

    CRF150R problems

    Info for 150R owners living at higher elevations. Im at about 3000ft and used a 138 main, 40 pilot and (NHNS) needle. It starts easy and warms up without stalling. It wouldnt hardly run with stock 135 main, 40 pilot and (NHNT) needle. Hope this helps. Larry
  9. 960

    Any supermoto clubs in Boise, Id ?

    I live in Kalispell Montana and ride at a private track in Missoula called the Nature Trail. Its a private all paved track and the owner Rex is very nice. Theres no charge to ride. Im putting together some track days there and in Spokane, so send me an email so I can contact you with dates and times. Im also interested in your track days in Boise, wasnt there a supermoto race there a couple years ago? Larry music1@digisys.net CRF150 KTM 450 smr