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  1. jd3020

    Radiator catch tank

    You don't have to use it, you could remove and simply run a hose out the over flow tube down to the bottom of the bike like the R.
  2. Its a soft nut, I borrowed a tool from my local shop, wasn't the right one and it rounded the shoulders on that nut, I ended up using a chisel and splitting it in two places and pulling it out, a new nut is only about 12 bucks.
  3. jd3020

    Honda offroad trail problem

    Well, It'll wear you out more if that is something you are looking for. I've had an 04 CR250, and it was plenty fun in the woods, lots more zip then my 250X, but it's a lot more work. If you are younger, you'll probably have a bit more fun on the CR than I did.
  4. jd3020

    Can I put an EX300 motor in CRF230L?

    There is a guy on the 230L forum (not on here) that has converted a 230l to a trike and I believe he is considering installing a 400ex motor in the frame. Might hit him up on it, you two might be able to swap some info throughout this engine swap. PM me if you need more information about where to go.
  5. jd3020

    O6 250x

    Sure, just remove the battery and tape the cables or pull them off all together. I have heard of people cracking the case around the kick start when the kick start slips off your boot and slams back to its normal position, just something maybe to be aware of.
  6. possibly a bad seal on the carb slide? If so, you can buy the seal only from crfsonly.com as opposed to buying the seal with the slide from honda
  7. jd3020

    After 10 years away, my baby's coming home

    I could understand the story would suck to you, if you were the one that stole it in the first place and have now lost your bike. However, no, I wasn't kidding, good story. Thumper talk version of cold case.
  8. jd3020

    2004 model no power from battery

    That would be nice!
  9. jd3020

    2004 model no power from battery

    lol, no a CRF250X didn't come factory with an ignition key, speedo or instrument cluster. The X has no key at all. To activate the electric start, you simply pull in the clutch and hit the starter button. Either you don't have an X or someone has added all that stuff for whatever reason
  10. jd3020

    2004 model no power from battery

    I once snagged a limb that pulled one of the two wires off my clutch switch. What else is on your bike that someone has installed a key switch ignition?
  11. jd3020

    2009 CRF250 Starting Problems

    you might do better putting this on the crf250r forum
  12. jd3020

    04 250x carb issues

    Nope, not 5 yet, but I'm clearing out early!
  13. jd3020

    04 250x carb issues

    What's to be confused about? What do you think stops the flow of fuel when you turn your fuel petcock on? The float needle. Fuel flows from the tank to the carb bowl, as the bowl fill it lifts the float, the float closes the fuel intake hole with the float needle. If the hole isn't closed by the needle, the bowl fills up and runs out the over flow tube inside the bowl and down to the ground, otherwise it'd run on up inside the carb and in to the cylinder.
  14. jd3020

    1st,2nd gear lunge

    You might need to fine tune the idle air screw