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  1. Is that at Cooper's or Cowboy Kenny's place?
  2. Take all the stickers off, and buy an actual sticker kit.
  3. ^^^^I agree...I think that they are a pain in the neck.
  4. my personal preference is the lightened flywheel....
  5. thanks for the e-mail outlaw.....sounds like i'm out of luck.
  6. Yes...we do live in the woods....I have the new 150 (klx style)....I'm pretty sure Hotson was running a klx 138r....not a GPX I stand corrected....Hotson says he was on a Pitster.
  7. Been trying to call, nobody answers.
  8. FO Pitsters in the Pro Class....Jrob...Honda....screams.....Hotson...Kawi...screams.
  9. are my last option.....I have Sikk MX roller, (worst purchase ever!)....I messed up my rear wheel this past weekend, and I need a new one....the 10 inch version.....Can you get me one before the middle of next week?
  10. My personal opinion, is that the midsize bike is more popular right now.
  11. Who cares? They are buy one, you'll regret sticker won't matter when it's sitting in your garage broke down.
  12. Staggs...what is your Vegas #?
  13. What will be your Vegas #?
  14. NCC...what classes are you riding?....aren't you getting the SCUT ready right now?
  15. And I'll be swinging by your pits to bust your chops a little bit.