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  1. fishnut

    Powered by BURNED!

    Way too funny!
  2. fishnut

    MCCT Install with pictures

    I installed mine today as well. Had to move the exhaust just as you did but I was able to work around the the black box without removing it. Guess I was just lucky. It was tight but I got'er done!
  3. fishnut

    Unibiker Rad Guards

    The fender was rubbing at the lower part of the Unabiker where it sticks out further than the frame. I used sqoeb idea and put some washers for spacers and everything is good to go. Thanks!
  4. fishnut

    Unibiker Rad Guards

    Installed Unibiker Rad Guards today and now the front fender rubs on them. Has anyone else had this problem? I guess I'll get out the grinder and make some mods. I bought the bike used so maybe it's not the stock one?
  5. Noble, Thanks for the help. I did plan on removing the coast enrichener I forgot to mention that. Are you saying I need to purchase all the jets individually? If that is the case do you know where I can purchase them? Also, do you think it's worth getting the EMN needle or do you think a JD needle would work as well and if so which one I should order? Thanks again!
  6. No Pun intended> I have the utmost respect for Burned and his knowledge. Just a wrong pick of words. I'm just wanting to get this bike dialed in. I really do appreciate the help!
  7. I see there have been a lot of views but no posts. I guess this jetting thing has everyone burned out. I'll try to figure it out somehow.
  8. Sorry, about another thread about jetting. I've searched the forum and I'm still confused. I'm new to TT and DRZ forum. I recently purchased a 2002 DRZ400E CA model with the FCR 39 carb. I've read it's lean from the factory. The previous owner also installed a Big Gun slip on pipe w/quiet core but never rejetted the carb.From what I've read I think this is the set up for sea level to 2500' elevation but want to make sure. 200 main air jet 160 main jet EMN needle #3 clip 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet Also, I wanted to find out if all these come in the JD kit part # JDS001 sold at the TT store. I think the EMN needle I have to order from Sudco. I wanted to also find out if any of the needles in the kit would work as well. Thanks for any help you can give I know this horse has been beat to death.
  9. fishnut

    2002 drz400e Good deal ?

    I just bought a 2002 DRZ400E in Northern CA with few hours for $2,700.00. His price is too high.
  10. fishnut

    New User Here...need opinion....

    I recently purchased a 2002 DRZ400E in good shape low hours for $2,700.00.Might help you in comparing I live in the North Bay.
  11. fishnut

    Are DRZ400E's typically cold blooded?

    Thanks for input. That's what I thought was wrong. Looks like I'm rejetting.
  12. I'm new to the board and just purchased a 2002 DZR400E and it's seems to take a while to warm up. I jsut wanted to know if this is normal. I've always ridden Honda's in the past so I'm unfamilar with the bike. Other than that it seems to run awesome and can't wait to get some time in the seat. Thanks for any help!