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  1. and by the way, i done the jetting just as dynojet says, but its not good enuff, its crap
  2. sorry ive been out of commission, tomorrow after i get out of the cotton filed (work) ill change it all over and give it a try, ill get back with you..
  3. worse, but remember were talking about a dyno jet jet kit
  4. bigdealer

    best atv brakes

    whats the best atv brand of brakes for a yfz450?
  5. i tell my self mellow, melllooow
  6. ok, either my machine is a piece of shit, or my jetkit is a piece of shit, or, know one know about either one...this is the 4th timeive posted this question on here and i havent got a single answer....once again, im gonna attempt this and explain the best i can i have a yfz450 o5 model..it has a sparks exhaust, pro design jet kit and a dyno jet jet kit that doesnt hall balls, it just hauls ass..but the exact same bike can smoke me with stock crap on it. i have the dyno jet jet kit on the 4th e clip, a 150 jet in it,can some one please help me that knows anything about anything...i ive in oklahoma at 1100 feet sea level..someone please help, im feeling suicidal ...if it were yours what would you do?please only respond if u are around the 1,100 feet elevation or if ur truly a pro
  7. bigdealer

    All 2006 YFZ owners BEWARE. Check this out!

    good looking out
  8. bigdealer

    yz450 jetting problems

    yea, well...i have know idea
  9. i have a yfz 450, 05...i have a sparks exhaust and a kand n pro design filter, air box lid off and i can get this thing to haul no ass..i have a dyno jet in it . it runs, but it dont haul balls..can someone please give me a pointer or two on where i need to put things? i have the needle on the 4th e clip, and a 150 jet in it, the screw at 1.5 turns , im just getting blowed away, im at 1100 feet in oklahoma...some one please help, this is my 3rd post and as of now not a bit of help, im jetting stupid, please call me ar 580 320 1010 or please post..thanks man
  10. i gave a honda oddyssey, i have carb problems, can someone tell me hot to hook the hoses up on the carb, like where they go..if your standing at the back of the cart looking at the carb you have 3 nipples on the side of the carb.one for gas and the oter two for??????? this is what i dont know, one is on the right the other on the left, thanks for the help
  11. i meant 150 and im at 1,100 feet
  12. i have a 2005 yfz 450 with a pro design filter, curtis sparks exhaust..i set it to the instructions but im getting blowed away on the strip..i live in oklahoma and can someone plz tell me something good? i want to tweak it but dont know which way to go..please help ...my e clip is on the 5th notch, im runnning the 150 jet with 1.5 turns on mixture, its not cutting it...i need more take off..im at 1,100 feet
  13. i have a yfz 450 and i do a little racing on the river, not real far, maybe a few blocks. whats the best tire size to use for thaT? anyone?im wanting to but some sand gecko tires , i need to know what size i need to get?