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  1. CRF_450_RD

    Ohio Camping at Wayne National Forest

    Has anyone ever had an issue with rangers while camping at Wayne National Forest? Since the alcohol ban on the trails, I have heard rumors of rangers 'stormtrooping' campsites and ticketing people for drinking alcohol at their campsites. Don't get me wrong, I believe in riding sober and riding under the influence is extremely dangerous and stupid, but as a responsible adult, I should have the right to have a beer around a campfire AFTER I'm finished riding. I've been camping at Williams campground for the last couple of years, so I haven't had any problems, but would like to hear from other riders if they have had any experiences. My computer cut me off as I was writing this so sorry if I double posted.
  2. Unfortunately, I haven't found too many places within an hours drive, and the really good places are more than 2 hours away. Wayne National Forest is a good place to ride, but check out Allegheny National Forest, in PA. Quads need to have insurance, but luckily bikes are exempt. I got a year pass for only 35 bucks and my VIN number. A lot of the trails are very fast and easy. You can ride 100 miles in a day and not feel it. They do have a 'bike only' section (quads are allowed however) and this is pretty technical at some points, but a lot of fun. I rose the Maumee riding area, and it wasn't even worth the trip. Ohio needs to step it up. For what we pay for to register our bikes, we should have more riding areas.
  3. CRF_450_RD

    CDI bad

    Thanks a million guys. I dumped a shot glass full of gas into the spark plug hole and kicked it a few times. Got a backfire, then after a few more kicks it started!!!!! It was going at full throttle and my idle screw must have been turned up way too high. I'm not sure if this was an issue as to why it wouldn't start or not. Funny story though- I had disconnected the kill switch the other day when checking the wiring and I had no way to stop it, short of popping it in gear. Mind you, I was running at a very high idle!(pretty much full throttle speed)!!! I should take a picture of the skid mark on my garage floor, hehe. Thank you guys again
  4. CRF_450_RD

    CDI bad

    Is there any way to tell if a CDI box is bad? I don't have the option of swapping out one short of buying a new or used one. My problem is that my '03 CRF450R won't start. I recently took the carb apart and cleaned it, put in new gas, new spark plug, changed the oil and put on a new air filter (all part of my spring start up). The last time I started it up was in September. I havent been able to start it however, so I checked the spark with a spark plug tester and it jumps at least a 1/4 inch- 1/2 inch gap. I checked all the wires and the coil for resistance, and they are all within spec. My compression is reading about 5kPa after about 10-12 kicks and the throttle open. My friend seems to think it's the CDI box, but after reading some posts, I'm leaning towards maybe bad valves. I bought the bike used 5 years ago and only ride trails in Ohio. I have never done a valve job on it. Should I buy a new or used CDI box or opt to send it to a mechanic who can do the valves? BTW, TT is such a great source for information on problems. I go to you guys whenever I have issues (brown nose alert!). Keep up the good work.
  5. CRF_450_RD

    450r headlight

    No. the 450R stator doesn't have the capacity to run a light. Aside from the light, you will need to buy a rewound stator and get a weighted flywheel to run lights. I bought mine at http://www.trailtech.net/ It's going to run you a few hundered dollars. It wasn't that hard to install and the kit came with instructions.
  6. CRF_450_RD


    just get out there and ride. My first time on my bike (last spring), I flipped it and broke my rear fender (boy that 450R has a lot of power). I spent more time kick starting the bike than riding. Not that I'm great now, but everytime I go out, I can get past an obsticle that previously I couldn't and if I come back without stalling or dropping the bike, then it is an accomplishment. Soon I will be able to keep up with my riding buddies, and then look out. So just get out there and ride.
  7. CRF_450_RD

    Monkey Butt Pants?

    bring some baby powder with you in your camel back and powder your rear when you stop. Trust me, it keeps the sweat from causing monkey butt.
  8. CRF_450_RD

    bike maintenance

    The best way to learn how to work on your bike is to buy a manual (I like Clymer) and then when something goes wrong or you need maintenance, just take it apart and figure it out. If you run into a problem, just search the posts or start your own. When I bought my bike, I knew very little about bike maintenance and repairs. To date I have had my bike apart more than I wish to admit, but when something goes wrong, I know I can figure it out or be to ask someone about it.
  9. CRF_450_RD

    450X Radiator on a 450R?

    I was wondering if anyone has, or has heard of anyone swapping out the radiators from a 450X to a 450R? I mostly trail ride my '03 450R and tend to overheat on particularly rough sections and hill climbs. I would think that the radiator for a 450X would be better at keeping the temp down. I run the Blue Ice radiator fluid, but still seem to overheat on occasion. My radiators don't leak, but they have a couple of dents and bends so I am thinking about either repairing or replacing them anyway.
  10. This post started with a guy from Ohio who found a great dealership that had great prices. I'm from Ohio (Cleveland area) and would love to check out the dealership that you found. I know that it probably wasn't in the Cleveland area.
  11. CRF_450_RD

    Crow Canyon/Elson Street

    Went to Elson st. last weekend. It was pretty good riding. Not too muddy, even after the rain on Friday. Some areas are kind of rutted, but that is everywhere. Worth the $15 for a few hours of riding.
  12. CRF_450_RD

    Do you use service manuals?

    I bought a Clymer for my bike and my quad and both are invaluable. I'm not a mechanic, and it has made working on them a heckova lot easier. You should be able to pick one up for about $20.00 on ebay or most places online.
  13. I need to get a countershaft sprocket spacer for my CRF450R because I am changing to an o-ring chain. My dilema is that I really don't need to buy anything else right now and can't justify paying $7.00 shipping for a part that costs about 2 bucks and I don't need any other parts or gear right now. Can a washer or two work instead of the countershaft spacer, or do you think I might be able to find something at Home Depot? Has anyone had any experience with 'substitute' countershaft spacers? If so, so you know what the dimensions are? I hate to waste your time on such an insignificant problem, but you took the time to read this, so you can't be all that busy.
  14. CRF_450_RD

    Car oil in bike?

    My manual doesn't recommend it. I've never tried it and won't. Spend the 3-4 bucks to get the right oil.
  15. CRF_450_RD

    Powerline Park

    I see that they have the GNCC races at Powerline Park in St. Clairsville, Ohio. Do they have open riding there throughout the year or is it only open for the race? Also, has anyone ridden there and what is it like?