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  1. i have a 04 cr250r and it has a red sticker but id like to get a green, what all do i have to do to get one?
  2. well i got my bike on sunday 04cr250 pro ciruit shorty,and platinum pipe pro taper bars brand new renthal 49T rear sprocket bran new chain dvs graphics kit v-force reeds 5000 otd shit it is fast !!!
  3. what do you guys think i like the powercore 2 and the pro circuit standard 304
  4. well i am 5' 9" and 130 lbs, what all will i need to do to the suspension? this is my first race bike so i dont know everything
  5. Im going to work this summer and have my parents cosign for me to get the new 250 and i just wanted to hear all you guys that have it or have rode it say what you like and dislike about it it probably wont be stock very long but if you would just let me know any of your thoughts i would greatly appreciate it