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  1. nz450r

    88 yz125 powervalve

    hi, i am after a power valve for a 88 yz125 and i am having real trouble getting hold of one. i am in New Zealand and the dealers dont have any in stock, here in NZ or Australia. i was wondering if anyone knows if a powervalve from a 89 will fit? because there are two on ebay. i know the part numbers are different but the part numbers for the holders on each end of the valve are the same for 88 and 89. does any one know if it will fit, or have a old 89 valve they could measure? so i could compare. thanks
  2. thats what it says on their websites, thats all wet up with a full tank of fuel
  3. just as a comparison, all curb weights, 09 honda crf450r 234.8lb 09 kawasaki kx450f 247.2lb 09 suzuki rmz450 247.0lb 09 yamaha yzf450 238.3lb 08 honda crf450r 238lb
  4. nz450r

    Crankshaft question?

    thanks, complete crankshafts are about $600 and rod kits are $300 over here in new zealand, i have already ordered both bearings and seals.
  5. nz450r

    Crankshaft question?

    hi I have a question about the left hand main bearing collar on the crankshaft. Last weekend my big end sezied up, so i striped the motor down, luckily there was no other damage, whan i looked at the crankshaft i noticed the collar for the left hand main bearing spins on the crankshaft. What i would like to know is this normal or should it be locked in place? I have ordered a new conrod kit, main bearings, seals, gaskets etc, but i dont want to get the conrod kit pressed until i find out about this bearing collar, just incase i have to order a new crank instead. thanks in advance for any help, i have been reading this forum for about 6 months now, and have found it very useful.