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  1. tabbyf

    Riding close to Santa Clarita Valley

    Thanks Birdy. Will be checking out the trail soon
  2. tabbyf

    Riding close to Santa Clarita Valley

    Would you happen to have the exact coordinates of the trail head to Indian Canyon? If you have it I can enter that straight to my Car GPS or using google maps. Thanks.
  3. tabbyf

    Riding close to Santa Clarita Valley

    You think those helicopters are law enforcement guys looking for off-roaders in the closed OHV areas? The reason I ask is the area is mostly used for helicopter flying lessons. That's why I mostly see those dinky choppers flying low.
  4. tabbyf

    Riding close to Santa Clarita Valley

    Can you share to us where the Indian Canyon is exactly? Is there a staging area? How do I get there coming from Valencia, CA. I used to go to Rowher EVERY weekend but now it's closed until Nov. 2008 Now I go to Gorman but it's too far.
  5. tabbyf

    150R for trail?

    I'm 5'6" at 200lbs I saw the 150R yesterday, sat on it and loved it Can I use this for trailing? Love the size of the bike! I will definitely need new springs for this but where do you have bring the bike to have this done? Or do I just go to a honda dealership and order springs? Help guys 06 KTM450 EXC
  6. tabbyf

    What is the going price OTD

    I just saw on at Bert's in Azusa, CA at $3,100 +tax, Brand New '07 though.
  7. Where are these desert areas we can ride legally? I actually went back to the MX tracks (I5MX) due to Rowher closure and got into an accident Another rider landed on me Some guys don't even look ahead. Dangerous. Never again! Back to trails.
  8. Oh man! I went to Rowher Flats yesterday with all my gear and the gates are closed!! I even bought an annual adventure pass that sucks:thumbsdn: Looks like Gorman is the fallback OHV.
  9. tabbyf

    Chest Protectors With Leatt Brace?

    I have a fox CP that I thought the shoulder guard was rubbing the leatt. I realized that when you adjust the CP, the shoulder guards actually move outwards Nice I forgot that CP's can actually be adjusted. It's like adjusting jumper pants. My FOX CP has 4 straps, 2 in front and back. It has 3 screw points. I moved it to the 3rd hole and that made the front and back shield to go lower and shoulder guards farther apart. That made space for my leatt brace. Before dumping or cutting your CP, try adjusting it first.
  10. tabbyf

    Computer Fan Install Pictures for KTM EXC

    You can have the complete set for $95 at cyclehutt.com That includes all the wiring, fan, sensors, etc.
  11. Try Santa Clarita Motorsports. I got my KTM there and I got a good price with tons in stock. As for service, I had tires mounted and they charged $15. Not bad (tire off the bike). 24601 Arch St, Newhall, CA (661) 259-8460
  12. tabbyf

    ruts and tree roots grrrrrrrr..

    Plus bent elbows to absorb any shocks from the handlebars when the front wheel hits the root or rut. Add in elbows pointing outwards and not down. Imagine you're trying to fly with wings.
  13. tabbyf

    ruts and tree roots grrrrrrrr..

    Momentun is what we need to avoid all those unessesary falls. I have learned that all too late. I could have avoided all those falls If I only knew of this long before. I always wondered why some riders can get through rocky uphills or downhills and I always had to drop my bike. The secret (that I found though extensive web surfing and testing ) is that when your moving with enough speed, the wheel spins and creates a gyroscopic effect. That gyroscopic effect stops/prevents any abrupt changes of directions of the bike. A.k.a It will go straight. I remember when I was a kid I was spinning old bicycle tires and it continue to stand up and roll until it looses momentum. So if you're moving with enough speed and you encounter slippery roots, the bike should just roll over them. Since you have enough momentun, the bike will just continue to go straight and pass that obstacle.