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  1. TE450 Jeff

    Husky & Husaberg Demo Day Oct. 16 & 17

    Hey thanks so much to Tri-County Powersports for their generosity, great attitude & patience with this yamoke (uh I made a wrong turn and managed to get off of the designated trail - really it was a mistake!). It was a perfect day out there and these guys were a class-act. Thanks again, Jeff
  2. TE450 Jeff

    How young is too young to start riding???

    I have twin boys that will turn 8 in late October and they are great riders I couldn't wait until they were riding yet I do feel that we started them off on a very good path - I certainly could have pushed this too hard. These guys were riding bicycles without training wheels when they were three and proved to have good skills i.e. balance, being cautious and having lots of fun. When they were six we picked up electric Razor brand motorcycles for them as a stepping stone (and because we couldn't afford "real" motorcycles) and, looking back, I think this was a very good idea. The year after that (7 yrs) the boys got Yamaha TTR50's for the holidays (used-a very good choice) and they were able to transition over to these "real" motorcycles very well. The Yamaha's were the same seat height as the outgoing Razors and, while they were limited to first gear initially, were slightly slower than the Razors. I chose not to use the throttle-stop as I felt that was going too far backwards with progress. Now the guys have fantastic abilities & skills and we are having a ball! Another big advantage that we have is the boys have had a lot of seat-time. We are fortunate to have an acre of land so the boys can ride often and right in our front yard. Others here have brought up excellent points and I agree that a lot of factors are involved. In the end I think you as the parent probably know best what your child's abilities are. I feel that the balance between ability, fear (or lack there of which certainly can be an issue), safety and introducing a youngster to, potentially, a life-long passion is what gives us parents great joy. Good luck & have fun with it Jeff
  3. TE450 Jeff

    tc450 backend kicking out over jumps.

    Also, in general, make sure that your sag is set correctly. This is often overlooked and goes a long way.
  4. TE450 Jeff

    New 09 te450 leaking oil

    Yeah I'm thinking that it's air filter oil as well. I've also gotten carried away and then had a mess on my swingarm. Keep us posted. Jeff
  5. TE450 Jeff

    SMR510 Intake Manifold

    I had mine delivered from Moto Forza out of Escondido CA a while back. It did not come with a new O-ring that is used as a seal but I wish I had either asked for one or it just came with one. No problem however as my original one was in very good shape I just cleaned it and re-used it. This boot does seem like a bit of a weak link (I wonder if it is under more stress than the engineers realized when they designed the part?) so keep a very close eye on this folks . Changing mine out seems to have minimized backfiring as well. To be fair, however, I also re-seated the silencer & mid-pipe at the same time. Good luck, Jeff
  6. TE450 Jeff

    exc 450 vs te 450

    Congrats! I love my '06 and the newer ones are even better
  7. TE450 Jeff

    New TE 250 questions

    Oh Man, Sorry to hear about these issues. Doesn't instill too much confidence in the new purchase. Did you talk to your dealer about this? If so what did they say? Is your dealer close by and are they willing to perform a thorough inspection? Sounds like an unfortunate anomaly. Keep us posted.
  8. TE450 Jeff

    New 08 TE250 price

    Sounds like a great deal on a great bike. Congrats! I know that you're going to love it for a long time. Jeff
  9. TE450 Jeff

    New 08 TE250 price

    How can you go wrong Buy it
  10. TE450 Jeff

    Which carb vent filter?

    How can you argue with that?
  11. TE450 Jeff

    Lez talk handguards

    Yeah this is a real good point. Last weekend on my maiden voyage with the Cycras' I had a minor fall on the right side. Even though I had everything very tight the bar did just slightly push into the grip causing it to hang a bit. The G2 threaded inserts look like a good solution (as dieseldork mentions). They are pretty confident in there materials: "The most secure mounting system available! Nylon mounts wont come loose like aluminum anchors. Ultra-strong exclusive nylon blend can be torqued down like aluminum". http://g2ergo.com/shop/catalog/Nylon-Bar-End-Mount-225.html I think that I'll also give them a try. In a perfect senario, for me, I think I'd go with the Highway Dirtbike guards if they had blinkers and DOT approved mirrors for my TE. http://www.highwaydirtbikes.com/HDB_Shop/index.php?app=ccp0&ns=catshow&ref=handguards Jeff
  12. TE450 Jeff

    Lez talk handguards

    I just installed Cycra Pro Bends using the "U" clamp mount and the installation went very smooth. I posted some of the pictures on this thread (#54): http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=808691&page=6 Although I don't necessarily endorse this vendor here is a link that shows a pretty good display of their line: http://www.brpmoto.com/product_pages/cycra_handguard_info.html Good luck, Jeff Added - Yeah no issues with the hydro-clutch at all.
  13. TE450 Jeff

    Two Days Of Fun Up At Kennedy Meadows

    I like the new bike colors as well. One day I'll convert over as well. The lack of color at KM might be the series of fires that have been up there the last several years? That or global warming!
  14. TE450 Jeff

    new TE 510

    Congrats! I'm very jealous