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    450 Stalling

    Yes I went trail riding the other day with some friends. REQUIRED MUCH CLUTCHING!! But wasn't designed for that I know.
  2. S_Phillips

    suspension "break-in"

    I've backed out the clickers all the way on my shock and am probly getting close to it on my forks. It still beating me to death. Only on the small choppy stuff. Otherwise it does fine on the big stuff.
  3. S_Phillips

    Pictures of my first ride on my 450

    NO PICS!!! only X's
  4. S_Phillips

    450 Stalling

    I was having a minor problem with it. 2 factors with mine - 1st is clutch the way it works it has to be all the way in or it will stall. 2nd turning idle up helped a lot. But I only had bottom to 1/8 or 1/4 throttle stall nothing where I was in midair problems Why would we chop the throttle on the face of a jump with a 4 stroke. Sounds like whoever wrote that had been riding a 2 stroke too long.
  5. S_Phillips

    How to go FAST!!!!

    The Boyyyzzz Shoulda told'em to buy a Turbo Eclipse, forget the Stickers, put the money into some bolt on mods on the Eclipse. Then he'd be ready to go........
  6. canook - I didn't know that but makes sense. Let us know what you find out cause I've got to do something with mine. After the first trip to the track this last weekend my wrists are killing me
  7. S_Phillips

    anyone not havin probs 450 clutch??

    Mine 450 makes noise when sitting in neutral and pulling the cluctch in and out. Sounds like when my old Peterbilt throw out bearing were starting to wear out. No noises during gear changes or around corners and hitting it hard Yet............ DEFINITELY a grabby feel like a lite swithch on or off Only got to ride it once on the track so I'm hoping that breaks in a little, kinda like the forks, GAWD their Harsh!
  8. Jniickel - My bad I've yet to change my signature. I do have the 03 YZ450 and it's very harsh even when ridden fast.
  9. why stiffer?? Mine are already way too harsh!!
  10. S_Phillips

    What clutch noise?

    4-spd- So what noise is it that you are hearing in regards to your cluctch
  11. S_Phillips

    What clutch noise?

    well i did get the thing out on my 4 acres and work it best I could injured shoulder and all, didn't have gear on either so it wasn't really getting nailed. I couldn't hear anything.....What's it sound like. I worked the clutch a lot under pressure and at idle and the only weird noise i heard is when in neautral and the cluth was out I could hear a little rumbly sound. I don't care for the action of the clutch(this may because it's not broke in yet) Clutch seems to be semi engaged even when pulled all the way in. Causes stalling easily. There is no forgiveness when it does engage it's like a switch... Thanks for all comments guys.
  12. S_Phillips

    What clutch noise?

    YAMABEN - Thanks, so should I contact YAMAHA or go back to my dealership and tell them YAMABEN up in Ill. is a service manager and supports a 30 day warranty. They have 0 day's stamped on my warranty card! Suggestions opinions welcomed
  13. S_Phillips

    What clutch noise?

    Ok, This is startin to worry me a bit. I just bought mine yesterday, can't ride it due to a shoulder injury. The dealership told me there was "NO" warranty on the bike?!?!? The serial # is 002594 I really don't want to let my buddy get the 1st ride in on my new bike!!! THat's like telling him "here take my new girlfriend and ........" What to do? Do you really have to ride it hard to show up. My shoulder would allow me to ride it in the yard a bit not real hard though
  14. S_Phillips

    Just brought home the new YZ450 !!

    Thanks Blackie, Already got the Pro Tapers on order. Are there issues with the stock air filter? Here's another reason to stay with the same name brand/color bike. My daughter who turns 16 next month and is pushing me for a new car. Hasn't even noticed that the bike setting in the back of my truck is a new one. Boy if she did I'd be hearing about it
  15. Just braggin I guess Traded my 02 WR for it. The kicker? can't even get out on it due to an injury So is there anybody making any mods/adjustments before the 1st ride?
  16. S_Phillips

    Perspective on life

    My Perspective: This was a terrible event what happened with Garret to say the least. I was shocked to read it that day! From all that I've read from Garrett in the last 8 months I've been on TT I've always thought he was a great kid!! After being injured myself the week before Garrett's passing. Sitting there in the emergency room I had already speculated the whole should I quit this craziness. In fact my best bro asked me the same thing in ER. 2 weeks have gone by now and another visit to the DOC and now realizing my shoulder is busted and there's a nasty hemotoma(sp?) on my arm that has yet to go away. I can honestly say the same thing I did to my buddy in the ER. Quit? NO! and this maybe sad and maybe it has something to do with turning 40 but It's the "Only" thing that makes me feel completely "Alive". I hope this doesn't sound too weird but it's the truth and I'm guessing some of you feel the same way. Would Garrett want people quitting the sport? I doubt it. Will I slow down??..... probly not I think I'll get faster. While swerving to avoid a rider down after a double I was landed on from behind by a rider who chose to ignore the "Rider Down Flag" Are there things that could be done to improve the safety of this sport. "MOST DEFINITELY", just by enforcing rules already in place at tracks. If you violate these rules your out of the race for the DAY! I see a lot of abuse there and unfortuately probly a demise to a lot of tracks because of higher insurance rates reflected by higher claims? Clearing obstacles from the track. Walk the track, ride it slow the first couple laps(practice isn't a race!). I could go on and on. Peace Garrett!
  17. S_Phillips


    Ditto Kaze!! And you can stay down by the track w/o worry of your bikes being stolen in the pit.......... Just don't tell them you race.
  18. props to 98YZ for the pics, but I'm here to tell you those PICS just don't do it justice. look much bigger up close and personal........
  19. S_Phillips

    Motoman 393 - Test Ride?

    some of us do hit 5th on the MX tracks. Corner MX Park is one in particular.
  20. S_Phillips

    What I'll do When I'm to Old to MX

    What I'll do When I'm to Old to MX. http://www.usatoday.com/life/2002-08-07-cover-mowers_x.htm
  21. S_Phillips

    cr250 versus 426f

    hahaha I've never heard of that
  22. S_Phillips

    Engine Braking

    If I YZ time my WR will that get rid of a lot of the engine braking? Any other advice on how to ease up the engine braking would be nice. Thanks
  23. S_Phillips

    Engine Braking

    growing up with only 2 stroke MX it is a quality I appreciated and miss today. It's hard to explain but here goes: When I'm blasting a down hill in 3rd dropping the throttle is like braking. So I give a little throttle to help keep front end out of the soil. If bumping up a gear "usually to fast for that track" the front wheel buries causing that washout feeling. Not to mention dropping that gear in the corner just below. bla-bla.....
  24. S_Phillips

    Engine Braking

    Thanks guys gonna try out the higher idle idea
  25. S_Phillips

    Insurance & Registration ?

    well i've just learned you don't tell them you race it. even if all you want is theft insurance. I hate insurance comp.