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  1. I've tried everything to clean the old one, from letting it sit in carb cleaner for a week to drilling it out and it is plugged up.
  2. I've taken the carbs off because it would not run and found out that the slow jet was completely blocked with something.Anyway I'm trying to find a new jet, but I need to know what series of slow jets were used on the twin carb xr's.Every place I've tried has one that looks very similar but does not work(21 series keihin slow jet).I think it's the 22 series but I'm not sure.
  3. My cousin is giving me a 1985 xr 250 that has carb problems, can you change the dual carb setup to a single carb. If so, what carb works best and where do you find a new intake?What other mods should I do to it? I live at about 4000' and have endless trails to ride.