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  1. I have decided a TE610 is going to be my next bike so I have been reading all the information I can find. Does this mean we haven't seen the 2008 SM bikes? Looking at the US site they don't have pictures for 2008 SM and TE610 bikes, it says coming soon. On the Italian site there is not any thing on the SM and dual sport section that says 2008. If you click on the Enduro or Motocross it says new 2008 bikes. Roger
  2. Tismee

    Husky Street Bike

    Thats from last year. It was supposed to be an 08 bike but its not in the line up. That is what makes me think we might get a new TE650 and SM before long. The word is BMW is dropping the G650SM and G650X ch. The G650 Country stays with a motor from chinese supplier. Roger
  3. Tismee

    BMW/Husky Press Conference at Milan....

    Just reading between the lines. He does not address the 650SM or the X650X. Could be a new TE650 coming and the SM STR650 they showed last year. Could this be? Moving all the single cly dirt bikes to Husky? Roger
  4. Tismee

    another BMW rumor?

    What happened to the STR650? I thought it was supposed to come out as a 2008 model. I will be getting my first Husky this coming year, a 2008 TE610. Seems the 610 is getting a lot of attention now. Just seems they could have a new big dual sport to compete with the new KTM 690. If they use the 650 and have a TE650. Then just add some body work and big tank and you have a TE650 Adventure bike. Doesn't look like the BMW X bike are selling to well. I was at a dealer last Saturday and they offered me 2,200.00 off list for an XC. Thats a lot off for a BMW. To me it seems the smart thing to do would be to let Husky be their thumper line and do what they do best and build the bigger bikes. Roger