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  1. t_furgeson

    DS Near Van Wert, OH??

    I am going to be down in Van Wert in a couple weekends and wondering what good trails are around there. I have a DRZ and so does my brother in law, we are looking to do some riding. Thanks in advance, Brian
  2. t_furgeson

    Acerbis 4.2 Owners. Question

    I am using the vented cap that came with it, is that ok??
  3. t_furgeson

    Acerbis 4.2 Owners. Question

    Did you guys install that metal vent in the tank? I was confused by that part. Thanks
  4. t_furgeson

    Acerbis 4.2 Owners. Question

    That is what I figured, thanks. I have just never seen a post on it. Thanks a lot!
  5. t_furgeson

    Acerbis 4.2 Owners. Question

    I installed my 4.2 tank on my E last night. As you are sitting on the bike the right side panel is too long and overlaps the tank. What did you guys do about it? Thanks
  6. t_furgeson

    I think I got it how I want it finally!!

    Yea, I will get some tommorow, those are from my phone.
  7. http://www.flickr.com/photos/23592484@N04/2402780582/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/23592484@N04/2401951255/in/photostream/ The bike is an 01 DRZ E things I have done: MCCT, Acerbis 4.25, SM front fender SM wheels with Michelin Pilot Power's, Trailtech Vapor with mount, Changed fork oil, lubed swingarm and triples, full skid plate, JD jets, Unabikers, and more.
  8. t_furgeson

    help with new sm wheels

    I have 05 sm wheels, you need to decide what brakes you want to use, either you get the bigger sm front rotor and a caliper relocator or do what I did and get an s front rotor. Also the rears are different between sm and e's/s's. I run 14/47 on the dirt and 15/44 on the street although I am going to test a 41 I just acquired for the street. Its a blast with the sm wheels!
  9. t_furgeson

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I lubed my swingarm bearings, changed the fork oil, had Michelin Pilot Power 150/60-17 rear, and Michelin Pilot Power 2ct 120/70-17 put on my supermoto rims, and lubed my triple tree bearings.
  10. t_furgeson

    Noise when I take off fast??

    When I launch quick with my sm wheels on it makes a horrible noise in the rear end. Any way this can be too tight of a chain? The noise is hard to explain, kinda like a rubber on metal sound but really loud. I had a Super Sherpa that did the same thing and I never figured it out. I am getting my new Michelins put on tomorrow so I will check the chain tension and the noise again then. Thanks in advance!
  11. t_furgeson

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Installed my TT MCCT. I have a blk Acerbis SM front fender and rmz rear coming tommorow!!
  12. t_furgeson

    Oil Leak/Breather/Oil Seperator/Oil all over

    So I need to order a new one? There is no other fix? Thanks
  13. 2001 E model, while doing some winter projects I ran into a thread that said to remove the air/oil seperator. So I did. Well when I took it off it broke so I threw it away. I went for a ride today and got to my destination with oil all over the place. I got the bike back home and took the tank off. I found that the oil line that goes from the valve cover to the frame was leaking(crappy wire hose clamp), so I replaced the clamp with a real one. Then I notices that where the hose goes from the jug to the separator the plug I put on(per the directions I read) had blown off. So I cleaned the bike up and ran a hose higher than the radiator and rode home and once again had oil all over, but not as bad and it was coming from that hose I had installed. Should I run a T fitting from the jug to the vent in the valve cover and then just vent the other part of the T?? Any advice would be awesome!!!
  14. t_furgeson

    DRZ Winter Makeover

    Do you wanna sell your white headlight plastic?? If so how much? Thanks
  15. t_furgeson

    Just Got My SM Wheels DRZ400ESM, Couple Questions!

    Hmm. So there is really no good way without doing a chain swap also. What about 16/44 street and 14/47 dirt??? Anyone run this combo?