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  1. when i was checking for my 08x i called all the major outlets and all they said is no longer available.... white bros. is out of buisness.
  2. white bros was boought out by vance & hines racing. i called them about 6 months ago and they said they are not going to make any replacement parts or new ones at that might have to find one from another brand.i have a white bros e2 on my 03R .i went with the two bros. on my 08x just because of the reason you can't buy anthying for the white brothers exhaust.
  3. i have the ims on my 08 fit pefect. it was the new production style. i had purchased mine from tucker rocky. when i talked to the guys at ims they said all the ones out now are the new style.
  4. i thought of the kill switch. but how can you really test it?
  5. it's not a bog's seems like a electrical miss condition.the bike runs great unless you find that certain spot just like the other post state on there bikes having the same issue. i have done it all except checking the TPS??? I sent my carb down to tokyo mods and had there carb mod done to i know the carb is fine.took it to a local race shop. were the owner is an factory race tech.ron at tokyo mods stated they all have some sort of hesitation at certain point i have to give him some credit he worked at factory honda for 20 years before opening his shop.the only reason i took irt back to the dealer is to check for a mecahnical failure.i had the issue when it was bone stock thats why i did all the mods to try to get rid of it.
  6. sounds correct i have only road mine on the pavement so far just trying to tune it..ready to take it out and run it good on the trails...
  7. if i get the erge to take my tank off for the 50th time in 3 months i will try the unplug of the TPS.all my friends are saying i am being to picky but hell it's a brand new bike(honda at the best) i expect it to run perfect:worthy:
  8. sounds like the same issue i have had with my 08 since i got.i have spent lots of money with every mod and carb modifiications.i finally broke down and took it back to the honda dealer i bought it from. had them look at .and in the end $100.00 later they tell me it's normal on these bikes. i don't if it is only on the 08 or not. they tell me they have a surge around 2000-2500rpm wicth is almost just coming off the idle circuit?they also tell me some bikes do it worse than others.even when you do all the mods and whatever don't notice the surge under normal shifting but it is a pain to know it for now i am just going to deal with it and ride..maybee it could be a TPS issue???have never checked that yet.i ahve spent over $800.00 on mods thinking it would go away,then having the honda dealer tell me it's normal:crazy:
  9. thanks for the hlep guy's. i know what i will be doing this weekend...i will keep updating on my situation.
  10. all the mods are done on the bike. thats my issue.i picked up the bike from the dealer brought the bike home and never rode it. i had all the parts ready to go for the mods and just started on i wish i would of rode it of those weird things...
  11. i have not checked it.what should i look for? thanks
  12. has anybody had an issue with a CDI BOX GOING BAD or valves out of wack that could cause a bad hesitation at 2500-3000 rpms and crapping out around 6000 rpm. keep in mind this bike is brand new 08 450x with about 3 around the 6000 rpm mark it craps out like it hit the rev limiter and does the same around 2500-3000.i thought it was carburation. I illiminated that by having the carb tested at tokyo mods and it worked perfect for them.just put it back on the bike tonight and still having the same now i am thinking of electical problem or maybee the valves are already needing adjusment??????
  13. has any one had any carb mods done by TOYKO MODS???
  14. i don't think you would get hassled? i guess if you can prove you are here on a vacation riding trip? green sticker is year round riding sticker season is october-may mostly in blm land regulations. but closed course you can ride anytime.... thats why i have both red and green sticker bikes to ride all year....
  15. wow i guess i had a good question with some great responce.some good reading here.i am leaving mine on with the jb. semes like all the good or bad ideas start in california for the offroad people and sometimes migrate still a great place to live...