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  1. RMZracer138

    2008 Honda CRF250R

    Everyone says there is no reason for the dual pipes who cares they look great lol. Granted they may not be better or anything like that but they look cooler. With the ATK comment on fuel injection ok I was talking a RACE bike with fuel injection. (motocross race bike). Who knows I don't care if they are fuel injected I'll just pay whatever to have my 07 continuously jetted. Plus I love my pipe(s).
  2. RMZracer138

    I did this....

    ...In the CRF250R forum and I was wondering what you guys think the 08 suzooks will be like? I know no one knows for sure but, throw some stuff out there. I'm just interested in what some people think 08 might bring. So post away what do you guys THINK not what is actually going to be on them.
  3. RMZracer138

    How bout some pictures of your '07's

    Let's see some of your '07's I'm interested in what some people are doing with there's. You know you want to show them off so go ahead post the pics.
  4. RMZracer138

    2008 Honda CRF250R

    My intentions weren't to get facts out of this it was just to see wha other people thought might be on it. I think the EFI will be on there because it seems like the Japanese are racing just fine with them. Why not put it on there? You guys have to admit the duals look pretty cool (granted they aren't very nice to your wallet to replace them).
  5. RMZracer138

    2008 Honda CRF250R

    Well I seen the Japanese national pics and they had fuel injected ones and they also had aluminum gas tanks. Idk what tey will be like I have no clue but, I was just wondering what other people thought. Yeah I'd ride your 05 and use it as a practice bike cause I'm on an '04 suzook (ick) and I'm going to wait for the 08 lol.
  6. RMZracer138

    2008 Honda CRF250R

    What do you guys think the 08 will be like. I wonder if it will be fuel injected. Maybe, have that aluminum gas tank. One things for sure hopefully they change the carb. Idk what do you guys think cause I got hurt (torn MCL) so I'm just going to wait for an 08.
  7. RMZracer138

    White plastics!! where at?

    Search this topic. I swear it's came up before. I believe someone said that the white plastic got discontinued but, I'm not sure.
  8. RMZracer138


    Damn I was hopin no one would post those cause I wanted them and I was hopin to be unique DAMn lol alwell.
  9. RMZracer138


    Anyone know where to get the arenacross team storm lake honda/ti lube team graphics?
  10. RMZracer138

    2006 or 2007

    I need help. I'm running low on my race funds this year and was wondering about the 06 and 07's. I can get an 06 brand new for $4500.00 never been rode nothin just a left over. Or I can get an 07 for $5699.00. I'm low on money and race season starts in about 2 or 3 weeks. Would the 06 be just fine or is the 07 really that much better. PLEASE HELP!
  11. RMZracer138


    Why did Motorcross Action mag. rate the Honda 4th out of all the 250F's? I don't understand it. All the other magazines didn't really have a problem with the bike (look at Transworld where it won the 250F shootout).
  12. RMZracer138

    RG3 or Factory Connection?

    Factory Connection will revalve the suspension for anyone that buys your bike when you sell it. They will also change whatever you want if you don't like it when you get it back (I imagine at no extra charge) plus lol they do Sobe/Samsung suspension lol.
  13. RMZracer138

    Moto XXX CRF250R w/EFI *PICS*

    That would make sense. I wonder how much different the bike feels when riding it then a carbed one.
  14. RMZracer138

    Moto XXX CRF250R w/EFI *PICS*

    No I wasn't saying the 150 was EFI but I was saying that the 150 didn't have a rule in AMA comp and neither does EFI so the EFI bikes would have to go through the AMA board first. Throttle thanks I couldn't tell it was aluminum I thought it was just a white one.
  15. RMZracer138

    Moto XXX CRF250R w/EFI *PICS*

    I don't think that's an aluminum gas tank just a white one. Also just like the 150R EFI isn't legal in AMA competition so it would have to go through the board and could get shot down. I hope it doesn't come out soon cause I'm shooting for an 07 to keep up with my comp and if that comes out it'll dominate carbed bikes (most likely) alwell atleast it's a prototype.