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  1. avrider

    sunland mx?

    anyone heard anything about the sunland/sun valley mx track. i can't find any info on internet. is it ever gonna happen?
  2. has anyone purchased, or heard of anyone purchasing a new bike out of state. i looking to get a new2007 ktm 450 sx, i live here in california, and the local dealers are selling them for almost retail, i was quoted 7800 out the door from local dealer. i have heard i could possibly get it from out of state, with tax, prep and shipping included for almost 1000 less, anyone have any thoughts, pros & cons. please help, thanks, avrider:excuseme:
  3. avrider

    ktm 450sx-f wannabee

    thanks for the input,
  4. ok, i need you wise ktm riders to give me your opinion. i'm currently a novice 38 year old, 155 pound rider, now on a 2004 crf250r. i like my bike but things are starting to wear on it, today was a fun day taking 100 kicks to get started so i cld ride. sure valves are shot. the new 450sx- f w/electric strt is looking real sweet as a ride upgrade. i need opinions on this bike for me. opinions from anyone who owns one. how would the handling compare to my crf. just something i would need to get used to. how is the reliability. i dont want to have to worry about valves and upgrade parts, but looks like ktm's already come pretty tricked out and would not really need anything. i am mostly mx riding, but hope to maybe do some cross-country, trail riding? is it somewhat forgiving for novice moving up to a 450? any opinions would be appreciated, thanks
  5. avrider

    so. cal mx tracks

    can u ride racetown on monday, what tracks are open on mondays
  6. avrider

    top end job

    ok guys, here's the deal, i have a 2004 crf250 that i got back in february. i dont know the history very well, had hot cam, cp piston sometime i think last year. i chcked valve clearances recently, lft intake was at zero. went ahead and shimmed, but have not checked lately. i want to do a top end job, my question is should i just do everything, piston, rings, valves etc. have heard of guys replacing heads with later model ones [2006 i think]. or should i have the seats cut if needed. WHAT EXACTLY SHOULD I REPLACE?maybe i should just chck tolerances on everything. i don't know. what do you think, i want this bike to last. by the way, this thing is a blast to ride, THANKS AvRider
  7. avrider

    ttr50 smoking

    thanks guys for the info, that has to be what it is, i also noticed that there was a little engine oil on top of the case, looked like it was dripping out of airbox, i'll tear it apart this weekend and check. thanks again
  8. avrider

    ttr50 smoking

    ok, i think i kind of screwed things up on my kids relatively new ttr50/ elect strt. the other day i was trying to get the idle up a little bit, it seemed rather low and would stall often. i strted messing with what i thought was the idle screw, but may have been something else, is there anything else? air adj?. now it will strt with the choke, idle high, but will die when choke is off. i also noticed that it was smoking a lot and spitting out black oil on exhaust and fender. is it running too rich. my kids were not too happy with me, please help.
  9. avrider

    mx schools

    ok, i need everyones input. what is the best motocross school out there. i'm 37 years old/young. just got back into riding recently, have not ridden for years. I went to the avmotoplex track here in southern calif. the track was a lot of fun but they did not have these kinds of tracks back when i used to ride. i'm an former indian dunes rider. i just dont have the confidence or skills i would like to take on the jumps, whoops etc. i want to be able to clear the tables/doulbes someday and not look like such a bozo. who has the best single day course. Ricky Johnson, Donnie Hansen ? Give me your opinions. Thanks AV rider
  10. avrider

    Sunland track appoved!!!!

    that's awesome news, now i can stop on the way home from work, take a little break frm my hour and a half commute and do some riding. i still wish indian dunes was still around.
  11. avrider

    rev limiter?

    have a stupid question. I have a 2004 crf250 which i love. just got it couple of months ago, its actually in the new issue of dirt bike magazine. anyway, do these things have rev limiters? have heard people talk of limiters. i notice if i try and crank this thing to a high rpm it starts to miss or sputter. is that normal. i dont need to be at that rpm, it has tons of power everywhere else. Am i just reaching a rpm that i dont need or should not be at?. I just want to be sure that there is nothing wrong. any input would be appreciated. thanks
  12. avrider

    sunland mx?

    hey, has anyone heard any news on the proposed mx park in suland?. I live in the antelope valley and work in Hollywood/LA area. would be cool to be able to stop in the middle of daily crap commute to get some riding in. Wish the old Indian Dunes was still around. Anybody remember that place?
  13. avrider

    back on the dirt!

    yes, that is av as in antelope valley, you nearby? any secret riding places
  14. avrider

    back on the dirt!

    yeah, that's what i said, hey thanks for info. i've done top ends before. think i will give it a few good rides then tear down the top end to chck, maybe go ahead and replace piston, rings etc. thanks again.
  15. hey all, bear with but i am brnd new to thmpertalk. have been out of riding for almost 15 years. marriage, kids etc. got my wife pajamas for valentines day. guess what she got me?. a 2004 crf250. was sitting in the garage when i got home from work. have ridden it a couple of times, man these things have come a long way since last bike i owned 1984 rm125. we have since added a ttr125 and ttr50 for wife and kids. such a thrill to be riding with the family. i have lots of questions and am counting on everyone here to help. My bike is obviously used, but i dont know how many hours on top end. should i just start from 0 as far as hours go for starting a maintenance schedule. for replacing oil, piston, rings etc?. it also has an fmf powercore ti silencer. is there a spark arrestor insert i can get/instll or do i have to get a new one. some areas around here require. palmdale area. anyone else around here, where do you ride. sorry, enuff questions for today. rock on! :