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  1. buckybwhiplash

    What did Jason Lawrence and Josh Hill do in Freestone?

    J-Law....When did this loadie receive a diva transplant?
  2. buckybwhiplash

    Bark Buster Installation Trouble

    Chances are your hand guard bar inserts are made for aluminum bars. The stock bars on the CRF are made of steel and have a larger inside diameter, which is probably why you can’t get them tight. You could try the expanding hose trick as described by tenis24 or you could swap out the bars for a set of aluminum ones. Fly makes an economical pair out of 6061-T6 in whatever bend you want for about $37 MSRP. I replaced the stock bars on my son’s CRF150 mostly because they were swept back way too far and the CR-Hi bend was a much better fit.
  3. buckybwhiplash

    Not sure what to do, arguing w/ dad.

    Here’s a thought. Why don’t you get a full time job and earn the money to purchase your very own 600 race replica sport bike instead of whining on a public forum about how the old man chooses to see HIS money spent? Don’t forget to factor in you’ll need to buy all new gear, multiple sets of tires per year, maintenance, and insurance. Good luck with that.
  4. It's good to see them finally go after these greenie bigots and their destructive endeavors.
  5. buckybwhiplash

    canal jump ramp size

    No big deal, that will buff right out.
  6. buckybwhiplash

    Daytona [AMA]

    Holy crap! That place looked like a sewage treatment plant turned into a bombing range. They probably would have been better off riding snowmobiles.
  7. buckybwhiplash

    Who pays? Moral question

    When you overtake someone while trail riding, keep the wheel spin to a minimum, there’s no reason to shower them with rocks. Sounds like your bike got a taste of your own medicine.
  8. buckybwhiplash

    Does this sound unreasonalbe?

    If the guy hadn’t wasted so much time jerking himself and sent off the amount he bid (duh), he would have his exhaust system on time.
  9. The most important part of installing grips is everything must be clean before you install them. Just about any molded rubber part will have a small amount of release agent that needs to be removed. I will spray some brake parts cleaner on a clean rag and wipe down the bars and throttle tube, I’ll also spray some inside the grips and let them air dry. Just about any quick/clean drying solvent that doesn’t attack your plastic throttle tube or melt the grips will work just fine. Be sure to avoid touching the clean parts since the residual oils in your hands will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive used to affix the grips in place. Once everything is clean, I smear a dab of contact cement inside the grip and push it on the handlebar in one quick swoop and spin it into position. As for grip glue, save your money and buy something you can use for other things too.
  10. buckybwhiplash

    Welding titanium pegs

    There’s a big difference between patching a hole in a pipe vs. a part you actually stand on but I’m sure you already knew that.
  11. 6061 is one of the most common aluminum alloys out there and would be an excellent choice of material for a chain guide. There are tougher materials like 7075 they make sprockets out of but it’s more susceptible to cracking. Just make sure to have a place to include some sort of replaceable wear strip material like UHMW or Delrin for the chain to slide on. A chain guard for the front sprocket would also be a good project or like tohip mentioned, a rear disc guard.
  12. buckybwhiplash

    Not Happy With Motosport.com

    Don’t you think you should have called them first and given them a chance to fix the problem before posting online with the heading “Not Happy With Motosport.com”???
  13. buckybwhiplash

    Welding titanium pegs

    If you don’t know someone who is experienced in welding this type of metal, throw them out. Titanium is very susceptible to being contaminated if it isn’t completely purged of atmosphere. Welding a cracked pipe is a different animal since it’s easier to purge the inside with inert gas as opposed to dealing with the shape of a foot peg. One thing to be mindful of is if you get it wrong and your peg breaks after landing a jump, just imagine what could happen to the leg that was standing on it. The cost of a shattered tibia is much more than another set of pegs.
  14. buckybwhiplash

    KTM 530EXC or Husky TE510

    One thing to be mindful of is the 530 is a first year bike. That doesn’t always mean the bike will be loaded with problems but there’s usually a greater chance for something to not be right.
  15. buckybwhiplash

    Please Stop Bashing The Leatt Or Any Neck Brace

    Yea, what a pain in the neck.