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  1. That's a Him Problem not a You problem!!! I would tell him to pound sand!!!
  2. if your looking for cheep go to home depot or crappy tire!!!
  3. The only place I have ever herd of down that way is Loch Lomand...Cape Breton!!! I'm going down in 3 weeks myself!!!
  4. I'de be happy with 350 a year....My original quote from Stater Farm was like $220 a year, then they ended up changing there mind!!! I still can't figure that one out!!!
  5. LOL...Get this...I have been talking to State Farm back and forth for about a week now, trying to get thinks set up....now they tell me they will not insure my bike because it's a year old!!! Is that not messed up!!! They told me to go to Kingsway for a year then they will insure it....that make's no sense at all!!!
  6. Like I said before...why would ya clain an accident on your bike...fix it yourself!!! Insurance is good for theft, fire, or if ya run over some 80 year old woman walkin her dog on the trails!!! To make a damage claim would be stupid!!!
  7. Actually it depends on which company you go thru....If you go thru Kingsway Insurance you need a bike licence...It doesn't even matter if it's a dirt bike that will never see pavement, and if you look in the small print...they will not cover you for off road damage's!!! Now State Farm has a separte classification for us dirt freeks...where ya don't need a bike licence to insure your dirt demon!!! Also one other question...why would you even claim an accident on a dirt bike anyway...the part's are so cheep ya can fix it yourself...I only plan to get insurance to ride the Ganny...and to cover my bike if it get's stolen!!!
  8. I actually called State Farm again last week because my broker said that it doesn't matter if I leave the company I'm with now my claim will remain active....So I'm waiting for State Farm to call me back!!! Rob & Jeff were up there last week on saturday....Rob dropped his bike pretty good...cause he bent the bars & Bent one bar clamps...so he's just tryin to get some money together to fix it up!!!
  9. Royal Distributing would be my pick!!!
  10. Make's sense now if your a trail rider to have some kind of first aid kit with ya ...and possibly some flares!!! As a ex-SAR person myself the woods are creepy as hell in the best of time...let alone night with a broken leg!!!
  11. WHy would anybody insure a blue bomber!!!.....lol....jaymo
  12. I've herd that the corner of 6 & 5 is owned by Canadian Tire...and they don't allow bike's on there....but I have see kids ridding there!!!
  13. If your at CBU there's ton's of trails right behind you that go past the airport....hook any of them heading east!!! You can go for mile's...I grew up in Glace Bay and I know them all!!!
  14. possibly...where do you ride