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  1. thumperized

    Can I use a heated vest?

    It's getting pretty cold up here in the north. I have a heated vest that draws about 45 watts. I was wondering if I could wire it to the battery directly without hurting the battery,rectifier or the bike.
  2. thumperized

    FMF Powercore ?

    After I get the yoshi I will be selling the fmf. I thought I would ebay it, but am open to your offers. Like I said it is a slip on with quite insert and a spark arrestor screen. It has some scratches, but no dents.
  3. thumperized

    What stock bikes do the good fcr's come from

    Unfortunately money is tight. It seems like when ever I have time (i.e. not working) I don't have the money. Funny how that works. I realize the pitfalls and perils of buying used. I'll try to look before I leap, or maybe I'll just stall while I save some dough.
  4. thumperized

    FMF Powercore ?

    My bike came with the powercore 4 sa. It's a slip on, but I think the same can as a full system. I have the quitecore insert and it makes a difference. Throaty, louder than stock, but not too loud. I can't speak of the power difference as I have never had anything else. My yoshi rc3 is on the way.
  5. thumperized

    What stock bikes do the good fcr's come from

    I have used the search function many times on this subject but nothing seems to match. I have run accross references to some bike models, but know there must be more. many of the references are also to how difficult the change is and therefore doesn't seem like a good choice. I was just hoping to get a clear answer. Sorry if I rubbed you the wrong way. Maybe I just need better search words. Any suggestions?
  6. thumperized

    What stock bikes do the good fcr's come from

    Thanks, I was aware of this sometimes available option. If I was made of money I would have ordered it. I am trying to find something used that I can rejet and make work for less than the $515 kit.
  7. I think the title says it all. What bikes came stock with the fcr39's that I can use in my drz400s. I am looking for the easiest bolt-on conversion possible. I would appreciate any pertinent info. including years of the models and the parts necessary to complete the conversion. Thanks
  8. thumperized

    e exhaust on a s

    I am looking for a little more power, but don't want to sacrafice stealth. I remember reading somewhere, but can't find it now, that e pipe on s is possible and probably worth it. Are these claims true? What are the necessary changes besides the obvious (pipe)? This could be an inexpensive option for us s guys with all of the take-off e pipes being replaced by yoshi's. Anybody know where I can find a like new can?
  9. thumperized

    Anybody have one stock grip?

    I guess it would be safe to assume that one grip was damaged in the accident that is requiring the bar replacement. When I replace my bars you could have both of mine, but it won't be right away. SHOP ON.